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Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions

The list of forthcoming Member-level decisions serves as the City Council's notice of all Member-Level Executive decisions, including those proposed to be taken at a private meeting of the Cabinet, in accordance with Local Authorities (Executive Arrangements) (Meetings and Access to Information) (England) Regulations 2012.

Notice will be given of the following:

a) All Key Decisions to be taken by the Cabinet, a Committee of the Cabinet or an individual Cabinet Member;
b) Executive non-Key Decisions to be taken by the above decision-makers, wherever possible;
c) All private meetings of the Cabinet;
d) All decisions to be taken under General Exception or Special Urgency provisions;

Key Decisions are defined by statute as:

(a)  Decisions likely to result in the Council incurring expenditure which is, or the making of savings which are, significant having regard to the Council's budget for the service or function to which the decision relates; or

(b)  To be significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in an area comprising two or more wards or electoral divisions in the area of the Council.

This list is updated with each new notice and the information is based upon statutory requirements.

Any queries relating to specific decisions should be referred to the relevant Officer listed against the respective decision, using the email address provided.

Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Council Governance Arrangements for the Westminster Community Contribution20/02/2018For Determination08/03/2018
Legal Services Proposal to move from Tri to Bi Borough Arrangements14/02/2018For Determination22/03/2018
Project Church Street - GLA Good Growth Fund13/02/2018For Determination12/03/2018
Renewal of Microsoft Licensing09/02/2018For DeterminationBefore 31/03/2018
Expenditure from the Abbey Road ward budget09/02/2018For Determination06/03/2018
Supply and Allocation of Social Housing 2018/1908/02/2018For Determination03/2018
Continued investment into St Mungo’s Real Lettings property Investment Fund to provide a further 47 family sized units of accommodation with support08/02/2018For Determination03/2018
Acquisition in SW108/02/2018For Determination08/03/2018
Commemorative Green Plaque on the site of the former Paddington Town Hall08/02/2018For DeterminationBefore 12/03/2018
Effective Neighbourhood Working Phase 107/02/2018For Determination13/03/2018
Restructure of Facilities Management Service06/02/2018For Determination06/03/2018
Private Sector Housing Enforcement Policy06/02/2018For Determination05/03/2018
Strutton Ground Public Realm Scheme05/02/2018For Determination05/03/2018
Westminster Community Homes Status01/02/2018For Determination19/02/2018
Westminster Community Homes - Legislative Changes to Governance Arrangements01/02/2018For Determination19/02/2018
Funding for the My Westminster Programme and DHP31/01/2018For Determination28/02/2018
Purchase of freehold investment in SW130/01/2018For Determination26/02/2018
Pay Policy 2018-201922/01/2018For Determination19/02/2018
Housing Investment Strategy and Housing Revenue Account Business Plan 2018-201922/01/2018For Determination19/02/2018
Integrated Investment Framework22/01/2018For Determination19/02/2018
Capital Strategy 2018/19 to 2022/23, forecast position for 2017/18 and future years forecasts summarised up to 2031/3222/01/2018For Determination19/02/2018
2018/19 Budget and Council Tax Report22/01/2018For Determination19/02/2018
Treasury Management Strategy Statement for 2018/19 to 2022/2322/01/2018For Determination19/02/2018
Safeguarding Report Children22/01/2018For Determination19/02/2018
Safeguarding Report Adults22/01/2018For Determination19/02/2018
Westminster City Council's Locally Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education22/01/2018For Determination22/02/2018
Access Agreement for purchasing Vehicles for Children's Residential Homes, SEN Provision and Independent Fostering Agencies22/01/2018For Determination22/02/2018
My Westminster Programme resourcing16/01/2018For Determination01/2018
Update to per unit sum for affordable housing contributions12/01/2018For Determination09/02/2018
Contract Variation Request for Substance Misuse Treatment Service (Turning Point)11/01/2018For Determination28/02/2018
Short Term Extension of current Managing Agent's Appointment10/01/2018For Determination05/02/2018
Award of Services Contract19/12/2017For Determination31/07/2018
Queensway Public Realm - Next Steps19/12/2017For Determination16/01/2018
Cross River Partnership (CRP) URBACT Funding Phase III - Freight Tailored Approaches to Innovative Logistics Solutions (Freight TAILS) Project19/12/2017For Determination18/01/2018
Discretionary Housing Payment Review Advisory Panel: (04.12.2018) Determination of Discretionary Housing Payment Review Applications15/12/2017For Determination04/12/2018
Discretionary Housing Payment Review Advisory Panel: (30.10.2018) Determination of Discretionary Housing Payment Review Applications15/12/2017For Determination30/10/2018
Discretionary Housing Payment Review Advisory Panel: (18.09.2018) Determination of Discretionary Housing Payment Review Applications15/12/2017For Determination18/09/2018
Discretionary Housing Payment Review Advisory Panel: (10.07.2018) Determination of Discretionary Housing Payment Review Applications15/12/2017For Determination10/07/2018
Discretionary Housing Payment Review Advisory Panel: (05.06.2018) Determination of Discretionary Housing Payment Review Applications15/12/2017For Determination05/06/2018
Discretionary Housing Payment Review Advisory Panel: (23.04.2018) Determination of Discretionary Housing Payment Review Applications15/12/2017For Determination23/04/2018
Discretionary Housing Payment Review Advisory Panel: (12.03.2018) Determination of Discretionary Housing Payment Review Applications15/12/2017For Determination12/01/2018
Purchase of flat within Huguenot House07/12/2017For Determination04/01/2018
Review of Recognised Amenity Societies20/11/2017For Determination12/2017
Ebury Bridge Development Project - Response to petition17/11/2017For Determination17/12/2017
Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programme for 2018/19 in respect of Highways, Public Lighting & Bridges and Structures13/11/2017For Determination22/12/2017
Updated Leaseholder Policy for Housing Renewal Areas13/11/2017For Determination31/01/2018
Beachcroft Care Home Project06/11/2017For Determination01/12/2017
Council Tax Base 2018-201901/11/2017For Determination04/12/2017
Review of Mobile Phone Contract26/10/2017For Determination26/11/2017
Parsons North Contractor Procurement25/10/2017For Determination31/01/2018
Data Network Service Provision April 2018 Onwards25/10/2017For DeterminationBefore 25/04/2018
Extension to the Coroner's Court24/10/2017For Determination24/11/2017
Self-Build Register fees23/10/2017For Determination12/2017
Property acquisition in W219/10/2017For Determination19/11/2017
Short Breaks Service for People with Learning Disabilities19/10/2017For Determination31/10/2017
Investment Plan04/10/2017For Determination30/10/2017
Half Year Treasury Management04/10/2017For Determination30/10/2017
Treasury Management04/10/2017For Determination30/10/2017
Housing Revenue Account04/10/2017For Determination30/10/2017
Capital Programme04/10/2017For Determination30/10/2017
Revenue Budget04/10/2017For Determination30/10/2017
Accounts 2016-201704/10/2017For Determination30/10/2017
Approval of Outline Business Case and preferred way forward- Cosway and Ashbridge Street development27/09/2017For DeterminationNot before 27/10/2017
Apprentice Pay Proposal27/09/2017For DeterminationBefore 27/10/2017
Meals on Wheels Contract26/09/2017For Determination25/10/2017
An Active City for All 2018-2022: New Strategy Implementation18/09/2017For Determination18/10/2017
Revision of Street Trading Penalty Point Scheme31/08/2017For DeterminationBefore 30/09/2017
Beachcroft Care Home Project22/08/2017For Determination19/09/2017
Westminster City Plan Full Revision - Submission versions for submission to the Secretary of State and examination by an independent inspector.14/08/2017For Determination02/2018
Expansion of St George's School11/08/2017For DeterminationBefore 20/08/2017
Parking Related People and Resources Contract Extension09/08/2017For Determination07/09/2017
Business Processing & Technology Contract Extension09/08/2017For Determination07/09/2017
Car Sharing Service Procurement09/08/2017For Determination07/09/2017
Westminster City Plan - Consultation on Publication Draft09/08/2017For Determination09/09/2017
Public Conveniences21/07/2017For Determination22/08/2017
W100-External & Internal Repairs on Church street18/07/2017For Determination09/10/2017
Granting of a 125 year lease on an underground car park and square in W118/07/2017For Determination14/09/2017
Award of the Carers' Hub Service Contract10/07/2017For Determination17/07/2017
Aldwych and eastern Strand project28/06/2017For Determination28/07/2017
Hardware Refresh and Windows 10 Upgrade28/06/2017For DeterminationBetween 19/03/2018 and 23/03/2018
Circus Road27/06/2017For DeterminationBefore 31/08/2017
Leicester Square Ticket Office20/06/2017For DeterminationBefore 31/10/2017
Church Street District Heating Outline Business Case Approval12/06/2017For Determination14/07/2017
"Shared Legal Services Alternative Business Structure"12/06/2017For Determination10/07/2017
Three Borough Hospital Discharge and West London Alliance Working01/06/2017For Determination14/07/2017
Luxborough Street01/06/2017For DeterminationBefore 31/08/2017
Council Tax, NNDR, Housing Benefit Overpayments and Former Client Rent Arrears - Irrecoverable Debt for Quarter 4 of 2017-1830/05/2017For DeterminationNot before 18/04/2018
Council Tax, NNDR, Housing Benefit Overpayments and Former Client Rent Arrears - Irrecoverable Debt for Quarter 3 of 2017-1830/05/2017For DeterminationNot before 18/01/2018
New Marylebone Library26/05/2017For Determination28/07/2017
Home Care Services - Annual Price Reviews19/05/2017For Determination26/05/2017
3 Borough Hospital discharge and West London Alliance Working15/05/2017For Determination12/06/2017
City Hall Refurbishment15/05/2017For Determination05/06/2017
Pay Policy Update15/05/2017For Determination05/06/2017
Petition Response Chinese Library15/05/2017For Determination10/07/2017
City Plan - Approval to consult on publication draft City Plan03/05/2017For Determination26/07/2017
Expenditure from the Ward Budgets of Churchill, Tachbrook, Vincent Square and Warwick02/05/2017For Determination29/05/2017
Expenditure from the Little Venice Ward Budget21/04/2017For Determination18/05/2017
Commemorative Green Plaque on the site of the St James’ Parish workhouse12/04/2017For Determination04/2017
Commemorative Green Plaque to Raine Spencer12/04/2017For Determination04/2017
Commemorative Green Plaque to John Gatti12/04/2017For Determination05/2017
Commemorative Green Plaque to William Whiteley founder of Whiteley's department store12/04/2017For Determination05/2017
Annual update to per unit sum for affordable housing contributions29/03/2017For Determination26/04/2017
Ebury Bridge Estate08/03/2017For Determination24/04/2017
Acquisition of freehold property investment28/02/2017For Determination24/03/2017
Renewal of the Management Agreement between the City of Westminster and CityWest Homes28/02/2017For Determination04/2017
Commemorative Green Plaque to the Lillington and Longmoore Gardens Housing Development17/02/2017For Determination03/2017
Procurement Strategy to retender Extra Care Facilities via a Dynamic Purchasing System10/02/2017For Determination10/03/2017
Huguenot House06/02/2017For Determination10/07/2017
Property investment company and acquisition01/02/2017For Determination24/04/2017
Marble Arch Lighting30/01/2017For DeterminationBefore 28/02/2017
Treasury Management - Investment26/01/2017For Determination23/02/2017
Treasury Management - Investment26/01/2017For Determination23/02/2017
Delivery of Affordable Housing at Westbourne Park13/01/2017For Determination31/03/2017
North Audley Street phase 213/01/2017For DeterminationBefore 01/12/2017
Independent Mental Health Capacity Advocate Service Contract Renewal13/01/2017For Determination28/02/2017
Genito-Urinary Medicine Contract Extension13/01/2017For Determination28/02/2017
Appointment of Auditors: Process06/01/2017For Determination20/02/2017
Council Tax, NNDR, Housing Benefit Overpayments and Former Client Rent Arrears – Irrecoverable Debt05/01/2017For DeterminationBefore 20/02/2017
Glasshouse Street Softening Public Realm Improvements16/12/2016For DeterminationBefore 04/12/2017
Sherwood Street Public Realm Improvements16/12/2016For DeterminationBefore 04/12/2017
Berkelely Square North Public Realm Improvements16/12/2016For DeterminationBefore 04/05/2017
Waterloo Bridge Articulation & Concrete Strength and parapet repairs for the Golden Jubilee Footbridges13/12/2016For Determination31/10/2016
Acquisition and disposal of housing stock09/12/2016For Determination05/01/2017
Revision of Street Trading Penalty Point Scheme06/12/2016For Determination01/2017
NNDR Discretionary and Hardship Relief Applications30/11/2016For DeterminationBefore 09/01/2017
Acquisition of freehold asset in Greater London30/11/2016For Determination29/12/2016
Haunch of Venison Yard Public Realm Improvements29/11/2016For Determination01/01/2017
Berwick Street Market - Response to Petition22/11/2016For Determination12/12/2016
Buckingham Green Public Realm14/11/2016For Determination02/01/2017
Queensway Public Realm Design11/11/2016For Determination09/12/2016
West London Alliance Dynamic Purchasing System – Access Agreement Decision03/11/2016For Determination10/11/2016
Homecare Contract Adjustment03/11/2016For Determination01/12/2016
Acquisition of 11-15 Borough Market, SE101/11/2016For Determination29/11/2016
Carers Procurement Strategy27/10/2016For Determination28/10/2016
Treasury Management24/10/2016For Determination
Health and Wellbeing Strategy12/10/2016For Determination12/12/2016
Housing Investment Strategy and HRA Business Plan10/10/2016For Determination10/10/2016
Rough Sleeping Strategy 2017-2005/10/2016For Determination01/2017
Soho Land Disposal30/09/2016For Determination28/10/2016
Efficiency Plan, Four Year Financial Settlement and Flexible Use of Capital Receipts Strategy29/09/2016For Determination10/10/2016
Integrated Customer Services (ICS) approach and strategy28/09/2016For Determination10/2016
Sustainability and Transformation Plan23/09/2016For Determination10/10/2016
Acquisition of freehold in WC216/09/2016For Determination14/10/2016
Y922 - Award of 10 year Contract for Major Works North Area15/09/2016For Determination02/2017
Y922 - Award of 10 year Contract for Major Works South Area15/09/2016For Determination02/2017
Purchase of real estate asset on Vauxhall Bridge Road01/09/2016For Determination01/10/2016
V115 - Tenby, Reading and Pembroke Houses (Hallfield Estate) repair and maintenance works30/08/2016For Determination12/2016
Re-defining Mental Health Day Services - Key Decision for Procurement19/08/2016For Determination19/08/2016
Acquisition of investment in SE116/08/2016For Determination05/09/2016
Commemorative Green Plaque to the Lord John Boutiques and the Gold Brothers04/08/2016For Determination09/2016
Beachcroft House02/08/2016For Determination31/08/2016
Dudley House– Delegated decision to proceed with accelerated construction programme01/08/2016For Determination29/08/2016
Acquisition of office investment in WC221/07/2016For Determination18/08/2016
Supply of services from Network services Framework19/07/2016For Determination10/2016
Luton Street Lease18/07/2016For Determination10/2016
Lupus Street lease surrenders and new letting14/07/2016For DeterminationBefore 09/08/2016
Procurement of Community Equipment Services and Award of a new Community Equipment Contract01/07/2016For Determination01/09/2016
Guidance note on calculating payments in lieu29/06/2016For Determination07/2016
Use of Affordable Housing Fund to purchase 3 properties for use as affordable housing for people with learning disabilities29/06/2016For Determination29/06/2016
Contract Awards for Sexual Health Promotion and Psychosocial Support; and for Contraception and Sexually Transmitted Infections Screening in the Community28/06/2016For Determination27/09/2016
Contract award for Genito-Urinary Medicine and Sexual Reproductive Health28/06/2016For Determination06/12/2016
Asset Strategy Update17/06/2016For DeterminationBefore 26/02/2017
Proposed purchase of flats at Huguenot House13/06/2016For Determination06/07/2016
Social Care Case Management System Contract08/06/2016For Determination11/07/2016
Acquisition on Wilton Road01/06/2016For Determination01/07/2016
Replacement of End of Life laptops23/05/2016For Determination27/06/2016