From:                                                                            Gadd, Daisy: WCC

Sent:                                                                             17 September 2019 14:13

To:                                                                                Smith-Charlemagne, Kisi: WCC

Cc: Jackaman, Kevin: WCC; Steward, Michelle: WCC

Subject: Adjournment of 21 Rupert Street to be determined by LSC on 19/09


Importance:                                                                High


Hi Kisi


I write in relation to the adjournment of the application for 21 Rupert Street, London that was scheduled to be heard by Licensing Sub-Committee on 19 September 2019. Following on from this adjournment request, the applicant for 21 Rupert Street has objected to the adjournment and has asked:-


  1. For the Council to determine its reasons for granting the adjournment and
  2. For the Council to consider the adjournment request, with all parties present on Thursday.


Having sought legal advice on the matter, it is deemed that, in light of the objections raised, the Licensing Authority reconsider whether an adjournment should or should not be granted. Whilst normally the Council would like to determine adjournment applications in advance of a hearing, in this circumstance, legal advice deems that Licensing Sub-Committee should determine the application as to whether the case should be adjourned as a preliminary issue at Thursday’s hearing on 19 September 2019. The Committee could well make the same decision to adjourn the case, but all relevant factors (including the applicant’s objection to an adjournment) would be able to be taken into account.


Therefore, I ask that you contact the Chairman and ask whether they are willing to deal with the adjournment request in the matter described above as advised by our legal team. To confirm, the Chairman is entitled to change their mind regarding the adjournment in light of any comments received from any party in relation to this preliminary point.


The process will be as follows:


I apologise for any inconvenience sought as a result of the above, however it is important that the Licensing Authority complies with its legislative requirements.


If you could please acknowledge receipt of this email and any response that you receive from the Chairman.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards


Daisy Gadd

Senior Practitioner for Licensing

Licensing Service
Public Protection and Licensing

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