From:                                         Jackaman, Kevin: WCC

Sent:                                           06 January 2020 10:07

Subject:                                     FW: 8 Baker Street - 19/14847/LIPN

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Dear All,


I write to advise that Richard Brown of Westminster Citizen’s Advice Bureau was due to be representing the resident at the hearing due to take place on the 9th January 2020.  Unfortunately, Mr Brown will not be able to attend in person and has forwarded his written submissions.


Kisi, please ensure that a copy of this email is forwarded to the Members of the Committee and I confirm that a copy of this email has been circulated to all interested parties.






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From: Richard Brown <>
Sent: 06 January 2020 09:55
To: Jackaman, Kevin: WCC <>; Steward, Michelle: WCC <>
Subject: 8 Baker Street - 19/14847/LIPN


Dear Kevin,


I have been asked to represent Elliot Bancroft at the hearing of this application on Thursday. As you are aware, I am not able to attend for medical reasons, and so Mr Bancroft has asked me to make this written submission. Mr Bancroft is not able to attend the hearing.


Mr Bancroft’s representation is principally founded on the servicing arrangements for the premises. Although he does also raise concerns about the hours applied for, he would be willing to drop this aspect should conditions be added to the licence to address the concerns regarding servicing.


By way of background, the block in which the applicant’s premises is situated is a relatively new development. There is a loading bay to the rear of the premises in Baker’s Mews, which is a quiet residential mews. Mr Bancroft lives in the Mews, as do other residents. I attach some photos to illustrate the proximity of residents. Mr Bancroft lives at no15, which is shown in the first photo. It is evident that Mr Bancroft and his family are likely to be unreasonably and disproportionately affected by use of this loading bay at unsociable hours.


Mr Bancroft submitted some planning documentation with his representation. As can be seen from this documentation, the use of this loading bay for any reason is strictly limited – no doubt in cognisance of the proximity of residential accommodation in a quiet Mews location. The planning conditions states that:


‘All servicing must take place between the hours of 07.30 and 1900. Servicing includes loading and unloading goods from vehicles and putting rubbish outside the building.’


In fact, Mr Bancroft does not have an issue with servicing taking place outside these hours if at the front of the premises. It is the rear of the premises which is the concern. These same concerns were raised on an application for the Co-op, adjacent to this premises, last year (Ref: 18/09421/LIPN) and it was agreed that the following conditions would be added to the licence:


24. ‘No deliveries to the premises shall take place between 23:00 and 07:00 on the following day save that this restriction does not apply to newspapers and magazines or dairy or bakery products. 


25.  Notwithstanding condition 24, no deliveries whatsoever shall take place via the loading bay at the rear of the premises in Bakers Mews between 19:00 and 07:30 each day.


(In fact, it should be noted that although the decision notice confirms that this is the case, this is not reflected on the licence for Co-op. I will raise this with the appropriate officer to rectify).


It is noted that condition 26 on p58 of the LSC Report states that ‘No rubbish, including bottles, shall be moved, removed, or placed in outside areas between 23.00 hours and 08.00 hours.’ It is believed that rubbish etc is removed via the rear of the premises. In order to tie in with the conditions Mr Bancroft has proposed above, he proposes that this condition be amended to read:


‘No waste or recyclable materials, including bottles, shall be moved, removed from, or placed in outside areas between 19.00 and 07.30 each day.’


Also, that a further condition is added as follows:


‘No collections of waste or recycling materials (including bottles) from the premises shall take place between 19.00 and 07.30 each day.’


It is not believed that these timings conflict with the Council’s waste collection times for Baker’s Mews.


Mr Bancroft simply asks that the these conditions are added to the licence for 8 Baker Street, to promote the licensing objectives provide comfort for residents that the arrangement established under planning will remain in place under the licence.


Mr Bancroft did raise these points in his representation, and indicated that he was happy to be contacted in connection with his representation. There has, as far as I am aware, been no contact from the applicant, but Mr Bancroft hopes that given that his requests are uncontroversial, the applicant will swiftly agree to the conditions requested.


I should be grateful if you would distribute this email to Members and the parties.


Kind regards


Richard Brown
Licensing Advice Project
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