Agenda for Planning Applications Sub-Committee (1) on Tuesday 4th December, 2018, 6.30 pm | Westminster City Council
Agenda and draft minutes

Agenda for Planning Applications Sub-Committee (1) on Tuesday 4th December, 2018, 6.30 pm

Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Room 3.1, 3rd Floor, 5 Strand, London, WC2 5HR

Contact: Georgina Wills: Committee and Governance Officer  Tel: 020 7641 7531; Email:

No. Item



To note any changes to the membership.


1.1     It was noted that from the membership set out on the agenda Councillor    Guthrie McKie had replaced Councillor Tim Roca.


1.2     Councillor Barnes was appointed Chairman for the meeting.




Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations by members and officers of the existence and nature of any personal or prejudicial interests in matters on this agenda.


2.1     Councillor Barnes explained that a week before the meeting, all four Members of the Sub-Committee were provided with a full set of papers including a detailed officer’s report on each application; together with bundles of every single letter or e-mail received in respect of every application, including all letters and e-mails containing objections or giving support. Members of the Sub-Committee read through everything in detail prior to the meeting. Accordingly, if an issue or comment made by a correspondent was not specifically mentioned at this meeting in the officers’ presentation or by Members of the Sub-Committee, it did not mean that the issue had been ignored. Members will have read about the issue and comments made by correspondents in the papers read prior to the meeting.


2.2     Councillor Louise Hyams declared that she had previously had a Ward Member briefing on Item 2 but not engaged with residents.


2.3     Councillor Guthrie McKie declared that he lived in the Bayswater Ward but not close to the sites being considered tonight.



Minutes pdf icon PDF 134 KB

To sign the minutes of the last meeting as a correct record of proceedings.


3.1     RESOLVED:


That the minutes of the meeting held on 13 November 2018 be signed by the Chairman as a correct record of proceedings.



Planning Applications

Applications for decision


Application 1: 11 Brick Street, London, W1J 7DF & Application 2: 17 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PG pdf icon PDF 3 MB


1.1       Use of the building as a private members' casino (Sui Generis) and external and internal alterations including replacement of roof level plant.


1.2       Application 2: Demolition of annexe building and replacement with rear extensions to 17 Belgrave Square; excavations to create pool hall extension under garden of 17 Belgrave Square and basement beneath mews property; and associated internal alterations; all in connection with the use of the mews property and 17 Belgrave Square as two single family dwelling houses (Class C3).


1.3       A representation from DWD Property and Planning (27.11.18) had been circulated.


1.4       Late representations from Councillors Glanz and Lewis and Montagu Evans, on behalf of the applicants and a local resident were tabled at the meeting.


            RESOLVED: Application 1: 11 Brick Street (Councillor McKie in favour of granting, Councillors Barnes, Burbridge and Hyams against)


1.         That conditional permission be refused due to the adverse impact of the introduction of a casino use on the amenity of the area contrary to City Plan Policy CM47.1 and also contrary to City Plan and Unitary Development Plan policies relating to a large entertainment use and resultant loss of residential floor space. Officers were authorised to approve the detailed reasons for refusal under delegated powers following consultation with the Chairman.

2.         Grant conditional listed building consent

3.         Agree reasons for granting listed building consent as set out informative     1 of draft decision notice.


            Application 2: 17 Belgrave Square and 17 Belgrave Mews West (all in favour)


1.         That conditional permission be granted subject to the completion of a legal agreement to secure a contribution to the City Council's Affordable Housing Fund of £1,427,000 (index linked and payable prior to the commencement of development) and the S.106 agreement to also secure the costs associated with the escrow account.


2.         That if the S106 legal agreement has not been completed within six weeks of the date of this resolution then:


            a)         The Director of Planning shall consider whether it will be possible or appropriate to issue the permissions with additional conditions attached to secure the benefits listed above. If so, the Director of Planning is authorised to determine and issue the decisions under Delegated Powers; however, if not;


            b)         The Director of Planning shall consider whether the permissions should be refused on the grounds that the proposals are unacceptable in the absence of benefits which would have been secured; if so, the Director of Planning is authorised to determine the applications and agree appropriate reasons for refusal under Delegated Powers.


3.         That conditional listed building consent be granted.


4.         That the reasons for granting conditional listed building consent as set out in Informative 1 of draft decision notice be agreed.


4 - 5 Buckingham Gate, London, SW1E, 6JP pdf icon PDF 3 MB


Demolition behind the retained front and side facades on Buckingham Gate and redevelopment to provide a hotel (Class C1) comprising of 53 rooms and ancillary services. Excavation to provide a single-storey basement and pool. External alterations for the provision of a new off street loading area to the rear, raising of boundary garden wall to the rear, alterations to windows and provision of mechanical plant and a pavilion at roof level. Creation of 1 a terrace each at rear second floor level within recessed part of the building and a terrace at roof level fronting Buckingham Gate.


During the course of the presentation officers advised of minor revisions to the description of the proposal as reflected above.  A copy of Counsel’s opinion, obtained by objectors, was attached.


RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY:  That consideration be deferred for a site visit with a view of seeing how the parking, waste management and servicing issues could be resolved.



College Park School, Garway Road, London, W2 4PH pdf icon PDF 1 MB


Installation of play equipment within playground area to south west corner of school site adjacent to Monmouth Road and installation of canopy to the south elevation of rear wing of school building.


A representation from 3GM on behalf of the applicant clarifying school numbers dated 28.11.18 had been circulated.  Representations from Ward Councillors and local residents were clarified.




That consideration be deferred to enable the school’s operating hours to be confirmed and whether issues raised by objectors concerning noise and disturbance could be resolved by discussion by relocation of play equipment and/or noise mitigation measures.


27A Monmouth Road, London, W2 4UT pdf icon PDF 2 MB


Demolition of existing raised terrace and erection of single storey rear extension at lower ground floor level with terrace above, erection of single storey side extension at lower ground floor level and associated internal and external alterations to lower ground and ground floors. Replacement of part of garden boundary with No.25 with a new wall, with trellis above.


A batch of drawings and photos on behalf of the applicants had been circulated.  A late representation from Councillor Payne was tabled together with representations from local residents.




1.       That conditional permission be granted.


2.       That conditional listed building consent be granted.


3.       That the reasons for granting conditional listed building consent as set out in Informative 1 on the draft decision letter be agreed.




186 Fernhead Road, London. W9 3EL pdf icon PDF 897 KB


Excavation of basement floor below existing house with front and rear lightwells, erection of rear extension at ground floor level and associated external alterations, including replacement of windows.




That conditional permission be granted.