Agenda and draft minutes

Planning & City Development Committee - Tuesday 30th June, 2020 6.30 pm

Venue: Please note that this will be a virtual meeting.

Contact: Georgina Wills, Committee and Governance Officer  Email:; Tel: 07870 548348


No. Item



To appoint a Chairman


1.1       The Committee Officer advised the Sub-Committee that the Leader of the       Council had nominated Councillor Robert Rigby for the Chairman of the          Planning & City Development Committee. The nomination was seconded by   Councillor Jim Glen.


            There being no other nominations it was




That Councillor Robert Rigby be appointed as the Chairman for the Planning & City Development Committee. 




To report any changes to the membership.



2.1       Election of Deputy Chairman


2.2       The Chairmen proposed that Councillor Jim Glen be appointed as       Deputy             Chairman for the duration of the Meeting. There being no other nominations it was




That Councillor Jim Glen be appointed as Deputy Chairmen for the duration of the Meeting



To receive and record declarations of interest.



3.1       Cllr David Boothroyd declared that he was Head of Research and Psephology      for Thorncliffe, whose clients were companies applying for planning            permission from various local authorities. No current schemes were in        Westminster; if there were he would be precluded from working on them             under the company’s code of conduct.


MINUTES pdf icon PDF 150 KB

To sign the minutes of the last meeting as a correct record of proceedings.



4.1       That the Minutes of the Planning and City Development Committee meeting          held on 7 November 2020 be approved.



Report of the Director of Place Shaping and Town Planning



5.1       The Committee received a report which provided an update on current work within the Planning Service with a focus on the implementation of the             Planning Review Programme and recent changes as a result of the COVID-           19 pandemic, in particular the introduction of Remote Planning Committees.


5.2       The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility          of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and         Wales) Regulations 2020 came into effect on Saturday 4 April 2020 and gave         local authorities the power to hold remote committee meetings until May             2021. Remote Planning Sub-Committees have been held bi-weekly since 14    April 2020.  Six Planning Sub- Committee meeting have now been    successfully held remotely and streamed using Microsoft Teams up to 23rd      June. The adoption of remote committees via the Microsoft ‘teams’ platform          has allowed residents and stakeholders to listen-in to meetings and/or             recordings of any virtual meeting via the Council website, ensuring openness and transparency is maintained during this period. Members were advised          that the Public speaking was temporarily suspended at the first two remote      committee meetings to ensure technology was fully tested and to allow             guidelines and protocols to be put in place.


5.3       The Planning Service has adapted quickly to remote working, ensuring   discussions and meetings continue with applicants and stakeholders through video calls with pre-application presentations, internal design reviews and      other meetings all held online. While there has been a fall in application numbers, applications are continuing to be received and validated online.         


5.4       Members were advised that Officers were reviewing processes which would enable physical site visits to resume and that safety measures would need to be in place prior to this occurring. The site managers and applicants would need to agree and cooperate with the proposed safety measures procedures. There are extensive Risk Assessments processes that have been put in place in other areas of the Service, this includes Building Control and Planning Enforcement. The Sub-Committee was advised that current digital tools used for site visits combined with physical visits would help to better demonstrate what sites were to look like and its development impacts.  Members were advised that Officers who were able to access the Borough would undertake site visits.


5.5       In response to questions from the Committee, Officers advised that the digital

            tools used for conducting virtual site visits and assessments could be incorporated in the presentations during the Sub-Committees. This process would ensure that the Members and all parties have an enhanced understanding of the application. The developers of planning schemes would be encouraged to use these digital tools when engaging with third parties about potential developments.


5.6       The Committee noted that there would be a continual drive to ensure that the    planning decisions process were transparent and understood by all parties.       There will be focus on improving public participation and in areas which   external parties had poorly scored. This will include obtaining views on how   these areas could be improved. Members noted that there would be residual        dissatisfaction  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


CITY PLAN 2019 - 2040 UPDATE pdf icon PDF 384 KB

Report of the Director of Policy and Projects



6.1       The Committee received an update on the draft City Plan following its     submission to the Secretary of State in November 2019. This followed an      informal consultation, a statutory ‘Regulation 19’ consultation, and approval    by Full Council. Two independent Inspectors have been appointed by the            Secretary of State to examine the Plan. Their role is to interrogate the policies      and their evidence base to determine if the Plan is ‘sound’. A sound plan must    be positively prepared to meet the area’s needs, evidence based and   justified, effective, and consistent with national policy. The timetable for the examination is controlled by the Inspectors and it was envisaged that the             Public Hearing will be conducted virtually and take place in Autumn 2020.


6.2       Members noted that prior to the Public Hearing, Inspectors will complete an information gathering phase and that it was practice asking local authorities           for further evidence on specific policies in the plan and this was done via the       issuing of formal ‘Matters, Issues and Questions (MIQs).


6.3       The Key questions noted from each Matter are as follows:-


·       Legal requirements: How the policies mitigate and adapts to climate    


·       Duty to co-operate: Has the council co-operated with neighbouring boroughs            on strategic planning matters e.g. transport, waste management

·       Spatial Strategy: How has the council determined where growth should be           directed to (i.e. the Opportunity Areas, Central Activities Zone, Housing Renewal Areas etc)?

·       Housing: What is the evidence for the proposed housing target of 20,685 units over the 20 years life span of the Plan.

·       Economy & Employment: Is the restriction on hot food takeaways within 200m of a school appropriate and is the approach to restricting new shisha premises evidence-based and justified?

·       Connections: Are the parking standards in general conformity with the London Plan?

·       Environment: Is it clear how carbon-offset payments are to be calculated and has the approach to air quality neutral developments been viability tested?

·       Design and Heritage: Are tall buildings clearly defined?

·       Infrastructure, Implementation and Monitoring: How has the need for new infrastructure been taken into account and what is the approach to reviewing the Plan?


6.4       The committee noted that an Environmental Supplementary Planning Document was being produced and would lay out how the Environmental Policies in the draft City Plan would be implemented.




That the contents of the report be noted.





7.1       The Committee considered a report which provided information about the role       and remit of the Planning & City Development Committee and their Work     Programme and Training Schedule for the Municipal Year. Members were          requested to forward topics which they wish to be included in their Work             Programme and Training Schedule. 




  1. That the contents of the report be noted.


  1. That the Committee forward Topics to be included in their Work Programme and Training Schedule.