Agenda and draft minutes

Planning (Major Applications) Sub-Committee - Tuesday 7th September, 2021 6.30 pm

Venue: 18th Floor, 64 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 6QP

Contact: Georgina Wills: Committee and Governance Officer  Tel: 07870 548348; Email:


No. Item



To note any changes to the membership.


1.1       It was noted that Councillor Eoghain Murphy had replaced Councillor Mark             Shearer.


Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations by Members and Officers of the existence and nature of any pecuniary interests or any other significant interest in matters on this agenda.


2.1       Councillor Robert Rigby explained that a week before the meeting, all six         Members of the Sub-Committee were provided with a full set of papers         including a detailed officer’s report on each application; together with bundles    of every single letter or e-mail received in respect of every application,        including all letters and e-mails containing objections or giving support.             Members of the Sub-Committee read through everything in detail prior to the             meeting. Accordingly, if an issue or comment made by a correspondent was       not specifically mentioned at this meeting in the officers’ presentation or by     Members of the Sub-Committee, it did not mean that the issue had been         ignored. Members will have read about the issue and comments made by             correspondents in the papers read prior to the meeting.


2.2       Councillor Robert Rigby declared an interest in respect of Item 1 he had met         with the Applicant and Officers on 22 February 2021. He further declared that          some of the objectors resided in his Ward and confirmed that he had not       held any discussion with the above mentioned.


2.3       Councillor Eoghain Murphy declared an interest in respect of Item 1 the          Application site was near his Ward. He also advised that the images provided         on the different viewing points for the Application had been taken from his             Ward. 


2.4       Councillor Jim Glen declared an interest in respect of Item 1 he was a Trustee    of the Westminster Tree Trust and confirmed that his membership would not           affect his views.


2.5       Councillor Boothroyd declared an interest in respect of Item 1 he knew some of the representatives who had made a representation.



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To sign the minutes of the last meeting as a correct record of proceedings.


3.1       That the minutes of the meeting held on 3 August 2021 be signed by the   Chair as a correct record of proceedings.


Planning Applications

Applications for decision


Paddington Green Police <Station 4 Harrow Road London W2 1XJ pdf icon PDF 6 MB


Demolition and redevelopment of the site to provide three buildings, providing private and affordable residential units (Class C3), commercial uses (Class E), flexible community/affordable workspace (Class E/F.1), provision of private and public amenity space, landscaping, tree and other planting, public realm improvements throughout the site including new pedestrian and cycle links, provision of public art and play space, basement level excavation to provide associated plant, servicing and disabled car and cycle parking, connecting through to the basement of the neighbouring West End Gate development. This application is accompanied by an Environmental Impact Assessment


Additional Representations were received from WCC Affordable Housing and Partnership (Unknown), WCC Public Protection and Licensing Environmental Services (03.06.21), WCC Place Shaping and Town Planning (27.08.21) and Berkeley Group (02.09.21).


Late Representations were received from Local Resident (06.09.21), Church Street Ward Planning & Licensing Group (06.09.21), Councillor Melvyn Caplan, Councillor Lorraine Dean and Councillor Matthew Green (06.09.21)


The Presenting tabled the following amendments to the Report and Additional Conditions.




1.               AMENDMENTS to s106 heads of terms on pages 13, 15 and 115 of the agenda as follows:


a)               Provision of 210 affordable units on-site comprising 84 socially rented units and 126 intermediate units. The affordable units to be provided at affordability levels to be agreed with the Head of Affordable Housing and Partnerships;

b)               Provision of an early-stage viability review mechanism, in accordance with policy H5 of the London Plan and the Mayor’s Affordable Housing and Viability SPG;

c)               Developer undertaking to use best reasonable endeavours to secure nomination rights to 68 intermediate affordable homes within the London Borough of Barnet;

d)               Payment of a carbon offset payment of £1,356,600.00 (index linked) payable on commencement of the development;

e)               Payment of a financial contribution of £200,000.00 (index linked) towards an additional cycle hire docking station or enlargement of an existing docking station within the vicinity of the site payment of commencement;

f)                Payment of a financial contribution of £200,000.00 £82,059.00towards additional play facilities within the vicinity of the site and payment on commencement;

g)               A Walkways and Cycling Agreement to safeguard publicly accessible routes through the site;

h)               Highways works associated with the development on Paddington Green, Harrow Road and Edgware Road;

i)                 Provision of the Affordable Workspace unit within Block I at an affordable rental level prior to first occupation (50% market rent) prior to first occupation of the commercial units;

j)                 A scheme for the relocation of part of the existing concrete sculptural relief panels (extent to be agreed) from the southern flank walls of the existing building to a location either on-site or nearby, or a combination of both, including provision of site-interpretation information at the developer’s expense;

k)               Submit an Employment and Skills Plan and a financial contribution of £401.793.00 towards the Westminster Employment Service prior to commencement of development;

l)                 Provision of a Car Parking Design and Management Plan for parking for the proposed development, within the WEG developments basement levels prior to first occupation;

m)             Provision of a  ...  view the full minutes text for item 1.