Agenda item

William Court, 6 Hall Road, London, NW8 9PA


Erection of a two-storey 4-bedroom single family dwelling.


Matt Richards (Agent – Savills) spoke in support of the application.


Additional representations were received from 14 William Court (26.8.2019), 15 William Court (28.8.2019), 92 William Court (25.8.2019), 105 William Court (28.8.2019), 105 William Court (26.8.2019), 25 Hamilton Gardens (22.8.2019), 27 Hamilton Gardens (25.8.2019) and Flat 5, 46 Hamilton Gardens (24.8.2019).


Late representations were received from the Waste Project Officer, Highways Planning (21.8.2019), St John’s Wood Society (2.9.2019), 11 William Court (1.9.2019), 13 William Court (x2) (2.9.2019), 14 and 15 William Court (3.9.2019), 16 William Court (30.8.2019), 19 Hamilton Gardens (3.9.2019), 22 Hamilton Gardens (3.9.2019), Top flat, 25 Hamilton Gardens (x2) 29.8.2019, 27 Hamilton Gardens (29.8.2019) and Flat 5, 46 Hamilton Gardens (3.9.2019) and Hamilton Gardens (2.9.2019).


The presenting officer tabled the following changes to the report and draft decision letter:


1.Revised statement in report: -

Section 8.1 – Final Paragraph

The proposed house would comprise298m2 (GEA) over basement lower ground and ground floor levels (ground floor is at the base of the ramp level (lower than street level as the siteslopes down and away from Hall Road) and would provide four-bedroomaccommodation. It would be independently accessed with kitchen, dining, living areasand study at ground level with bedroom and bathroom accommodation below. It wouldbe lit with natural light from front and rear windows and rooflights at ground floor andlightwells to allow natural light to reach the basement.


Section 8.7 – p.68 – Trees

The proposal should not have a direct impact on trees. subject to tree protection during construction and this is proposed to be controlled by condition


2. Revised wording to condition 8


You must apply to us for approval of detailed drawings of a soft landscaping and planting scheme for the green/sedum roof which includes the number, size, species and position of shrubs and also details of the volumes of soil provided within the scheme.  You must not start work on the relevant part of the development until we have approved what you have sent us. You must then carry out the landscaping and planting within 1 year of completing the development (or within any other time limit we agree to in writing) and retain (and maintain) it thereafter.,


3. Additional informative No.8


The development for which planning permission has been granted has been identified as potentially liable for payment of both the Mayor of London and Westminster City Council's Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).  Further details on both Community Infrastructure Levies, including reliefs that may be available, can be found on the council's website at: {\}


Responsibility to pay the levy runs with the ownership of the land, unless another party has assumed liability. If you have not already you must submit an {\b\ul Assumption of Liability Form immediately}. On receipt of this notice a CIL Liability Notice setting out the estimated CIL charges will be issued by the council as soon as practicable, to the landowner or the party that has assumed liability, with a copy to the planning applicant. You must also notify the Council before commencing development using a {\b\ul Commencement Form}


CIL forms are available from the planning on the planning portal: {\i}


Forms can be submitted to


{\b Payment of the CIL charge is mandatory and there are strong enforcement powers and penalties for failure to pay, including Stop Notices, surcharges, late payment interest and prison terms}.


4. Revised wording to Informative No.3


Your sedum/green roof (condition 8) and landscaping and tree planting proposals (condition 9) must have sufficient soil volumes to be sustainable and must incorporate low water demand species.






That the application be deferred for a site visit.

Supporting documents: