Agenda item

11 Belgrave Road, London SW1V 1TS


Councillor Mark Shearer left the virtual meeting whilst the Item was being considered.


Partial demolition including the front and rear facades, sixth floor and structures at seventh floor; replacement frontages; rear extension, rebuilding of the sixth floor and a seventh floor extension for office use (Class B1); creation of a restaurant/ café unit

(Class A3) at part ground floor; flexible office (Class B1) or non-residential institution use (Class D1) at part ground floor; assembly and leisure unit (Class D2) at part ground and lower ground floor levels; landscaping and a new boundary wall to the rear; external terraces; rooftop plant enclosure; rooftop photovoltaic panels and associated external works.


Additional representations were received from the Public Protection and Licensing Environmental Sciences, WCC (Unknown) and Quadrum Belgravia Limited (28.07.20)


The presenting officer tabled the following additional Conditions


Item 1: 11 Belgrave Road


Additional conditions


To reflect the additional comments from Environment Health (also attached as a blue

representation), two additional conditions are recommended:


Additional condition 31 states:


You must apply to us for approval of sound insulation measures and a Noise

Assessment Report to demonstrate that the sound insulation will be sufficient to

protect noise sensitive receptors from break-out of internal activity noise and that

the development will comply with the Council's noise criteria set out in Condition

11 and 32 of this permission. You must not start work on this part of the

development until we have approved what you have sent us. You must then

carry out the work according to the details approved before the residential units

are occupied and thereafter retain and maintain.


Additional condition 32 states:


The design of the separating wall and/or floor should be such that the received

value in the noise sensitive spaces, with music playing, should be 10 dB below

that measure without music events taking place, at the quietest time of day and

night, measured over a period of 5 minutes and in the indices of Leq & LFMax in

the octave bands of 63 Hz & 125 Hz. Maximum noise levels generated by the

proposed new gym should be demonstrated not to exceed the NR15 curve

LAFmax inside any adjoining noise sensitive properties. This includes noise from

all sources (including amplified sound, music, and impact noise from gym



Anthony Smith addressed the Sub-Committee in support of the application.


Ilyas Aslam addressed the Sub-Committee in support of the application.


Councillor Jacqui Wilkinson addressed the Sub-Committee in the capacity as Ward Councillor in support of the application.


Dirk Struycken addressed the Sub-Committee in objection to the application.




1.     That conditional permission be granted subject to the additional Condition as set out above and the completion of a S106 legal agreement to secure the following planning obligations:


            a) Installation of 12 cycle parking spaces on Belgrave Road;

            b) Removal of four trees and associated highway works on Guildhouse Street             to accommodate four new replacement trees;

            c) Removal of redundant crossover and associated highway works on            Guildhouse Street;

            d) Financial contribution of £72,400 to the Westminster Employment service;     and

            e) The costs of monitoring the S106 legal agreement.


2.     If the legal agreement has not been completed within six weeks of the date of the Sub-Committee resolution then:


            a) The Director of Place Shaping and Planning shall consider whether the permission can be issued with additional conditions attached to secure the   benefits listed above. If this is possible and appropriate the Director

            of Place Shaping and Planning is authorised to determine and issue such a             decision under Delegated Powers;

            however, if not


            b) The Director of Place Shaping and Planning shall consider whether        permission should be refused on the grounds that it has not proved possible          to complete an agreement within the appropriate timescale, and that the

            proposals are unacceptable in the absence of the benefits that would have

            been secured; the Director of Place Shaping and Planning is authorised to             determine the application and agree appropriate reasons for refusal under

            Delegated Powers.


Supporting documents: