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Garages At Adpar Street London


Demolition of existing car park and redevelopment to provide a 4-storey block of sheltered residential dwellings (Use Class C3) and other associated works, including amenity space, car parking, cycle parking, refuse storage, and landscaping improvement works.


The presenting officer tabled the following amendments:


Pre-Commencement Condition (bat emergence survey)

Prior to any demolition taking place, a further bat emergence/re-entry survey must be carried out in accordance with the recommendations set out in the approved Ecology Report. The results of this survey shall be submitted to approved by the local planning authority before any demolition works take place.



The Ecology Report identifies that the car park building has low potential for roosting bats, and a further survey is required to ensure that there are no bats roosting in the building in accordance with the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010 (as amended) and the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.


Provide Bird and Bat Boxes

Prior to the occupation of any of the residential flats, you must submit to the Local Planning Authority for approval, details of bird and bat boxes. The boxes shall then be installed and maintained in accordance with these details prior to the occupation of the flats, unless otherwise agreed first in writing by the LPA.



To increase the biodiversity of the environment, as set out in S38 of Westminster's City Plan (November 2016) and ENV 17 of our Unitary Development Plan that we adopted in January 2007.


A condition requiring a detailed lighting strategy is also recommened.

DELETE Condition 24 and AMEND condition 6 as follows: You must apply to us for approval of detailed sections at 1:10 of the following parts of the development: a) garage doors/gates and b) gates. You must not start work on these parts of the development until we have approved what you have sent us. You must then carry out the work according to these detailed drawings.



To make sure that the appearance of the building is suitable and that it contributes to the character and appearance of the area, and make sure that a safe and secure environment is provided. This is as set out in S28 and S29 of Westminster's City Plan (November 2016) and DES 1 and DES 5 or DES 6 or both of our Unitary Development Plan that we adopted in January 2007. (R26AD).


RESOLVED (Councillors Jim Glen, Elizabeth Hitchcock and Eoghain Murphy for, Councillor Guthrie McKie abstains):


1.                  That conditional permission be granted under Regulation 3 of the Town and Country Planning General Regulations 1992 subject amendments to conditions and additional conditions as set out above, and to the completion of a unilateral undertaking to secure the following planning obligations:


i.                Provision of all units as affordable housing for nominated residents over the age of 60

            ii.         A financial contribution of £13,522 to the Carbon Offset Fund (payable                      on commencement of development and index linked)

ii.               Provision and adherence to a car parking strategy.

iv        Provision of lifetime (25 year) car club membership for all residential units.

v.        Provision of highway works in Adpar Street and Hall Place to provide access to the development. vi. Costs of monitoring the agreement (£500 per head of terms).


2.                  That If the Unilateral Undertaking has not been completed within 12 weeks from the date of the Committee’s resolution, then:


a)    The Director of Place Shaping and Town Planning shall consider the permission can be issued with additional conditions attached to secure the benefits listed above.  If this is possible and appropriate, the Director of Place Shaping and Town Planning is authorised to determine and issue such a decision under Delegated Powers, however, if not;


b)    If it has not been possible to complete the Unilateral Undertaking within an appropriate timescale, the application shall be reported back to the Sub-Committee for a decision.





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