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Pitch 1792 Charing Cross Road


Site Name & Address


Licensing Reference No.

West End

Isolated Pitch 1792

Area 1 - Oxford Street, New Bond Street, Piccadilly

Street Trading Licence – rescind designation



*Cumulative Impact Area



Present:                   Mr Francisco Franco-Mendes, Team Manager, and Ms Shannon Pring, Senior Practitioner, Street Trading Public Protection and Licensing; (back up for Mr Franco-Mendes): Public Protection and Licensing; and Mr Sean Dwyer, Highways Planning Manager, City Highways.

Applicant:               Licensing Authority

Ward:                       West End


The Sub Committee considered a report of the Director of Public Protection and Licensing in which the Sub Committee was asked to vary the Designating Resolution passed by the Council on 25 July 1990 and rescind the designation of Pitch 1792 Charing Cross Road. The recommendation was made on the basis that the pitch was not currently in use owing to several years of construction work related to the Crossrail Programme works at Tottenham Court Road Station; the impact of Camden’s West End Project; and additional development of the site above the existing Tottenham Court Road Station. This had meant that the highway had either been hoarded off or was under another temporary arrangement.

Presentation by Mr Francisco Franco-Mendes, Team Manager, Public Protection and Licensing

Mr Francisco Franco-Mendes, Team Manager, Public Protection and Licensing, presented the report. He stated that, at present, there was no street trading licence associated with the pitch which had been in situ since the start of the Crossrail project in 2005. The previous license holder had been relocated and granted a permanent Street Trading Licence Pitch 1717 on New Bond Street.

Mr Franco-Mendes stated that a Suitability Assessment had concluded that both the highway and pedestrian levels surrounding Pitch 1792 had changed considerably since the time the pitch had been designated and the pitch was no longer suitable for trading. Therefore, it was recommended that Pitch 1792 be de-designated.

Mr Franco-Mendes confirmed that the statutory consultation regarding the proposal had taken place and responses had been received from Highways Planning, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), Councillor Jonathan Glanz (Ward Councillor at the relevant time), and the West End Street Traders’ Association, and that no objections had been received to the proposal to rescind the designation of this pitch.

Presentation by Mr Sean Dwyer, Highways Planning Manager, City Highways

Mr Dwyer stated that there had been major changes at this location since the granting of the street trading licence. He stated that large entrances to the Elizabeth [Underground] Line, which would serve Tottenham Court Road Station, had been constructed, and pedestrian numbers had already increased dramatically at this location. He stated that pedestrian numbers would increase further when the Elizabeth Line opened to the public.

Mr Dwyer went on to say that, if the pitch was reinstated at its original location, it would be in the middle of a reconstructed junction. The Chairman noted that this was illustrated at Paragraph 2.3 the NRP report[1] on Page 103 of the Agenda Pack.

In conclusion, Mr Dwyer stated that, it was the view of the Highways Authority that this location was no longer suitable for use as a street trading pitch.


To APPROVE the proposal that the Designating Resolution passed by the Council on 25 July 1990 be varied to rescind the designation of Street Trading Pitch 1792 Charing Cross Road.


[1] A suitability assessment "Oxford Street District: Charing Cross Rd – street trading pitch assessment" had been carried out by NRP (Norman Rourke Pryme) and was attached to the report at Appendix A.

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