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Quarter 3 Performance Business Plan Monitoring Report

Report of the Director of Policy, Performance and Communications


6.1       Cathy Mullins, Head of Evaluation & Performance, introduced the contents of the Quarter 3 performance report which presented detailed results of the period April to December 2017 against the 2017/18 Business Plans.  The report provided explanations and commentary in respect of outstanding and poor performance including details of remedial action being taken where appropriate.


6.2       The report also consisted of the top achievements and challenges at the end of the quarter; an organisational health scorecard consisting of a diagnostic summary of some of the key measures of organisational efficiency and effectiveness; principal risks and uncertainties to the Council and a featured insight on the key findings from the WCC City Survey 2017.


6.3       Members asked about the methods the Council uses to obtain in depth opinions from residents on its services. Cathy Mullins explained that the Council does not just rely on the City Survey. Information is gathered through a suite of city intelligence reports from different sources. She further explained that an engagement software tool will be adopted that ensures that the information is regularly updated and remains relevant.


6.4       The Committee noted that the key performance indicators marked for attention in the quarter predominantly related to services within Adult Social Care and Children Services where the Council has statutory responsibilities for vulnerable people. The committee has previously flagged up missed targets as a concern and has questioned senior officers on some of these at its recent meeting. The committee intends to review the End of Year Performance for these and other service areas at its meeting on 16 July.




1.     Third Quarter Performance Challenges and risks - the committee would like to be provided with further information about the risks and issues in relation to the reduction in funding for 2018/19 to the annual TfL grant for the development and maintenance of the Westminster Highway Network.


2.     Key Performance Indicators for Attention - City Management and Communities - Public Protection and Licensing:


The committee would like more detailed service commentary on the challenges around the removal of Category 1 hazards from residential dwellings which pose a serious and immediate threat to people’s health or safety.


3.     City Survey - Provide the committee with a note on the City Survey’s objectives, what it does and does not cover and how it is compiled including the methodology and sample base;


4.     Managed Services - The committee would like a summary of the services to be provided by the Hampshire Partnership and any additional arrangements that the City Council is putting in place for services not included, an update on the transition arrangements from BT Managed Services and details about the implementation including training to be provided to staff.


5.     Adult Services and Public Health - Members would like further information about the implications of the Clinical Commissioning Group partners’ decision to give notice on continuity of funding for older people’s hub services.


6.     Responsible Procurement Briefing - Provide the committee with a note on the monitoring arrangements to ensure that the added value set out in contracts is being delivered.


(Action for: Cathy Mullins, Head of Evaluation and Performance/Mo Rahman, Evaluation and Performance Analyst)


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