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Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Plan Decision Statement

22/03/2021 - Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Plan Decision Statement

That the Cabinet Member agreed:

1.          That the recommendations of the examiner as set out in the council’s decision statement (Appendix 1 to the report) be accepted.


2.          That the examiner’s recommendation that the Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Plan, as modified in Appendix 2 to the report, proceed to two referendums (as is required for designated business neighbourhoodareas).

3.          That in accordance with the examiner’s recommendation, the referendum area be restricted the neighbourhood area designated by the council on 28th March 2014 as the Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Area.

4.          That if the results of the two referendums are in support of the approval of the plan, the council proceeds to formally make the plan.


1.      The examiner’s recommendations will ensure the Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Plan is clear and effective as a framework for making decisions on planning applications in the Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Area. They address the concerns raised by the council and other stakeholders, and ensure the plan meets the basic conditions prescribed by legislation.


2.      Before a neighbourhood plan can be made, it is a statutory requirement that it is first subject to two referendums in areas that are designated as business neighbourhood areas. Before this happens, the council must publish a decision statement setting out the actions it proposes to take in response to the examiner’s report.