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Housing Compensation Policy

01/03/2024 - Housing Compensation Policy

Executive Summary


  1. The Council has developed its first dedicated Housing Compensation Policy for Housing Services. The policy aims to provide a fairer approach to how we assess and award compensation when we fail to deliver a service for Westminster Housing tenants and leaseholders



1.     That the Cabinet Member for Housing Services has approved the Housing Compensation Policy as set out in Appendix 1.


Reasons for Decision


  1. There is currently no Compensation Policy for Housing Services. The Housing Ombudsman expects social housing landlords to have a compensation policy for ex gratia payments as part of their complaint handling documentation to provide guidance on when they will consider offering discretionary compensation

2.     The Fairer Westminster Delivery Plan commits to delivering a Fairer Council, making it easier to find the information people need, and to be transparent, ethical and responsible in our engagement with residents.

3.     The production of a Compensation Policy is also part of the Housing Service’s commitment to improve complaint resolution and learning.