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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Insurance tender 2024 - 2029 ref: 210522/02/202401/03/20240
Harrow Road Open Space improvements ref: 210421/02/202429/02/2024Call-in expired
291 Harrow Road Multi-Disciplinary Consultant Team (MDCT) Appointment(s) - Executive Director Delegations ref: 210305/02/202405/02/2024Not for call-in
Approval of recommendations from the Rating Advisory Panel - 23.01.24 ref: 210216/02/202416/02/2024Not for call-in
Grant Authority for the acquisition of 45 affordable homes at West End Gate Block H from Berkeley Homes ref: 210106/02/202406/02/2024Not for call-in
Supply and Allocation of Social and Intermediate Housing 2023/24 ref: 210013/02/202421/02/2024Call-in expired
Rent Review of Barclays bank 40 Wellington Road, NW8 9LT ref: 209913/02/202413/02/2024Not for call-in
Writing off of irrecoverable debt (quarterly report) - Quarter 3 2023/24 ref: 209807/02/202415/02/2024Call-in expired
Approval of recommendations of the Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) Review Panel 16.01.24 ref: 209707/02/202407/02/2024Not for call-in
Minutes ref: 209429/01/202429/01/2024Not for call-in
The Future of Regent Street and Haymarket ref: 209129/01/202406/02/2024Call-in expired
Capital Budget Re-profiling & Budget Changes 2023/24 ref: 209329/01/202406/02/2024Call-in expired
Safeguarding Executive Board Annual Report 22/23 ref: 209229/01/202429/01/2024Not for call-in
Contract Award School Health (School Nursing) Service ref: 209606/02/202414/02/2024Call-in expired
Church Street Site A – Outline Business Case Update ref: 209005/02/202405/02/2024Not for call-in
Introduction of a 14-day response period for Highway Defects ref: 208925/01/202426/01/2024Call-in expired
Belgravia Neighbourhood Plan Decision Statement ref: 208831/01/202431/01/2024Not for call-in
Direct award for interim contracts for Learning Disability accommodation based services ref: 211531/01/202408/02/2024Call-in expired
“Care Leaver” to be considered alongside Protected Characteristics ref: 203311/12/202311/12/2023Not for call-in
West End Gate (Acquisition of Block H) ref: 208629/01/202406/02/2024Call-in expired
Re-Designation of Mayfair Neighbourhood Forum ref: 208524/01/202424/01/2024Not for call-in
Cost of Living Projects 2024/25 ref: 208423/01/202431/01/2024Call-in expired
Safer Westminster Partnership Strategy 2024-27 ref: 208322/01/202422/01/2024Not for call-in
Voluntary Service Charge Payment option ref: 208218/01/202426/01/2024Call-in expired
Approval of recommendations from the Rating Advisory Panel - 12.12.23 ref: 208118/01/202418/01/2024Not for call-in
Response to Petition Titled 'Save Covent Garden Street Performers' ref: 207622/12/202322/12/2023Not for call-in
Grant of New Lease for an Academy School ref: 207704/01/202404/01/2024Not for call-in
Response to Petition: Relocation of the Street Cleaning Depot from 215 Lisson Grove to 61 Harewood Avenue ref: 207403/01/202403/01/2024Not for call-in
Authority to Enter into a Section 75 Agreement Between the City of Westminster and North West London Integrated Care Board (NWL ICB) ref: 207503/01/202411/01/2024Call-in expired
Neighbourhood CIL Decisions: Summer 2023 Application Round ref: 207202/01/202410/01/2024Call-in expired
Designation of supermarket, ground floor 2-4 Dean Street as an Asset of Community Value ref: 207320/12/202320/12/2023Not for call-in
Beachcroft Care Home - Direct Award ref: 207129/12/202309/01/2024Call-in expired
Temporary Accommodation acquisitions programme update and governance proposals ref: 207029/12/202309/01/2024Call-in expired
Authority to sign BT Openreach wayleave for the 300 Harrow Road Development site ref: 208714/12/202314/12/2023Not for call-in
Church Street Regeneration - Site A, B & C Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy Appointment ref: 203914/12/202322/12/2023Call-in expired
Increased FPN Levels ref: 203813/12/202313/12/2023Not for call-in
Acquisition of leasehold interests in London W9 ref: 203721/12/202321/12/2023Not for call-in
Oxford Street Programme - Henrietta Place and Cavendish Square Scheme ref: 203620/12/202330/12/2023Call-in expired
Oxford Street Programme - Oxford Street West Schemes ref: 203520/12/202330/12/2023Call-in expired
Council Tax Discounts (including Council Tax Local Reduction Scheme) and Council Tax Base report ref: 203211/12/202311/12/2023Not for call-in
Fees and Charges Review ref: 203411/12/202311/12/2023Not for call-in
Oxford Street Programme - complementary schemes ref: 203111/12/202311/12/2023Not for call-in
Increase in homecare workers' hourly rate of pay ref: 203008/12/202308/12/2023Not for call-in
291 Harrow Road - Multi-Discipline Consultant Team (MDCT) Appointment ref: 202906/12/202314/12/2023Call-in expired
City Highways - Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programme for 2024/25 ref: 202805/12/202313/12/2023Call-in expired
Oxford Street Programme - Wigmore Street and Mortimer Street Schemes ref: 202701/12/202309/12/2023Call-in expired
Commemorative Green Plaque for Stanley Kwai-Tsun Tse ref: 195530/11/202330/11/2023Not for call-in
Approval of recommendations of the Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) Review Panel 10.10.23 ref: 202529/11/202329/11/2023Not for call-in
Approval of recommendations of the Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) Review Panel 14.11.23 ref: 202629/11/202329/11/2023Not for call-in
Appointment of a main contractor for corporate property capital works ref: 202327/11/202305/12/2023Call-in expired
Increasing home care workers' pay for a Fairer Westminster ref: 202427/11/202305/12/2023Call-in expired
Torridon House Car Park: Digital fixed line infrastructure Wayleave Agreement ref: 207821/11/202321/11/2023Not for call-in
Adpar Street: Digital fixed line infrastructure Wayleave Agreement ref: 208021/11/202321/11/2023Not for call-in
Queens Park Court: Digital fixed line infrastructure Wayleave Agreement ref: 207920/11/202320/11/2023Not for call-in
Waste and Recycling Infrastructure - Housing Estates ref: 198617/11/202325/11/2023Call-in expired
Kerbside Household Waste and Recycling bins and On-Street Litterbins ref: 197617/11/202325/11/2023Call-in expired
Avenues Youth Project ref: 197517/11/202325/11/2023Call-in expired
Parking Fee Structure Review ref: 197415/11/202325/11/2023Call-in expired
Shepherd Market public realm improvement scheme ref: 197310/11/202310/11/2023Not for call-in
Approval of recommendations from the Rating Advisory Panel - 31.10.23 ref: 197213/11/202313/11/2023Not for call-in
Ebury Bridge Estate Renewal - Phase 1 Agreements ref: 204910/11/202310/11/2023Not for call-in
Balmoral Castle and Darwin House Development Legal Agreements ref: 197110/11/202310/11/2023Not for call-in
Torridon House: s106 Unilateral Undertaking, changing the tenure of 8 homes from Intermediate Rent to Social Rent ref: 197010/11/202310/11/2023Not for call-in
Revenues & Benefits service - Utilisation of the existing contract extension facility ref: 196807/11/202315/11/2023Call-in expired
Variation to Existing Lease and Agreement to Reversionary Lease at Alfred Road, W2 ref: 196707/11/202307/11/2023Not for call-in
Balmoral Castle and Darwin House: Phase 2 - Appropriation of land at Balmoral Castle Public House and Vacant Garages ref: 196906/11/202306/11/2023Not for call-in
Capital investment in community assets ref: 195630/10/202308/11/2023Call-in expired
VCS Core Funding ref: 195730/10/202308/11/2023Call-in expired
Review of housing delivery governance and arrangements ref: 195230/10/202308/11/2023Call-in expired
Direct award for contracts for Home Care Services ref: 194825/10/202302/11/2023Call-in expired
Writing off of irrecoverable debt (quarterly report) - Quarter 2 2023/24 ref: 194925/10/202302/11/2023Call-in expired
New core funding grant agreement for the Abbey Centre ref: 194323/10/202331/10/2023Call-in expired
470 Harrow Road Contract Variation ref: 194623/10/202331/10/2023Call-in expired
Lisson Arches Development ref: 194520/10/202328/10/2023Call-in expired
Approval of recommendations from the Rating Advisory Panel - 19.09.23 ref: 194419/10/202319/10/2023Not for call-in
Approval of recommendations of the Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) Review Panel 12.09.23 ref: 194010/10/202310/10/2023Not for call-in
Grant of rights to UKPN of WCC land at Woodfield Road, London W9 ref: 194110/10/202310/10/2023Not for call-in
Property Management Support Advice ref: 193809/10/202317/10/2023Call-in expired
Older People's Day Opportunities Preventative Services ref: 193706/10/202314/10/2023Call-in expired
The Appropriation of land for planning purposes at 45 Kilburn Park Road ref: 193505/10/202313/10/2023Call-in expired
Huguenot House Delivery Route ref: 193605/10/202313/10/2023Call-in expired
North Paddington Programme Project Work: First Year ref: 193325/09/202303/10/2023Call-in expired
Recognition of HyPER as an amenity society ref: 193225/09/202325/09/2023Not for call-in
Response to Petition: Sussex Street Play Area ref: 193120/09/202320/09/2023Not for call-in
Delegation of authority to approve reservations and sale terms of units at Ebury Phase 1 ref: 193015/09/202323/09/2023Call-in expired
CCS Energy Purchase Agreement for 2024 - 25 Supply Period ref: 192915/09/202315/09/2023Not for call-in
Ashbridge, Ashmill & Cosway sites - settlement of the main construction contract final account with Geoffrey Osborne Limited ref: 192813/09/202321/09/2023Call-in expired
Minutes of the last meeting ref: 192411/09/202311/09/2023Not for call-in
Neighbourhood CIL Applications (Greenhouse Sports Centre) ref: 192611/09/202320/09/2023Call-in expired
Oxford Street Programme ref: 192511/09/202320/09/2023Call-in expired
Citizens Climate Assembly - Recommendations ref: 192711/09/202311/09/2023Not for call-in
Amenity Societies - Interim Approach to Recognition ref: 192307/09/202307/09/2023Not for call-in
Maida Hill Market, Public Realm Improvements ref: 192230/08/202307/09/2023Call-in expired
Neighbourhood CIL Decisions: Spring 2023 Application Round ref: 192130/08/202330/08/2023Not for call-in
NATIONAL POLICY & PLANNING REFORM UPDATE ref: 164730/03/202230/03/2022Not for call-in
Extending the Free Meal Offer to Nurseries and Secondary Westminster Pupils ref: 191923/08/202331/08/2023Call-in expired
PDHU Renewal and Decarbonisation - Technical Services ref: 192023/08/202301/09/2023Call-in expired
Dockless Bike Scheme ref: 190822/08/202331/08/2023Call-in expired
Achieving Health Equity: A proposal to launch a new Public Health partnership fund for voluntary and community organisations serving Westminster residents ref: 190722/08/202331/08/2023Call-in expired
Direct award for interim contracts for Learning Disability accommodation based services ref: 190621/08/202330/08/2023Call-in expired