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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Confirmation of Westminster's Non-Immediate Article 4 Direction for change of use from Class E (commercial, business and service uses) to Class C3 (dwellinghouses) outside of the Central Activities Zone (CAZ) ref: 176025/11/202225/11/2022Not for call-in
Use of Interim Management Orders to Tackle Rogue Landlords ref: 176125/11/202203/12/2022Call-in expired
Mayfair Library Lease Extension Decision ref: 175824/11/202224/11/2022Not for call-in
Lease Restructure - Arches 36-48 and land at Gemini Project Sites 1&2 Landmann Way, London, SE8 5JW ref: 175924/11/202224/11/2022Not for call-in
Extension of Existing Managing Agent's Appointment ref: 175723/11/202201/12/2022Call-in expired
Approval of recommendations of the Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) Review Panel 11 October 2022 ref: 175622/11/202222/11/2022Not for call-in
Decision to Award a contract for the refurbishment of 14-20 Orange Street (incorporating 33/35 Whitcombe Street), London, WC2 7EF ref: 175517/11/202225/11/2022Call-in expired
Neighbourhood CIL Decisions: Autumn 2022 Application Round ref: 175415/11/202215/11/2022Not for call-in
Neighbourhood CIL Decisions: Autumn 2022 Application Round ref: 175214/11/202222/11/2022Call-in expired
Writing off of irrecoverable debt (quarterly report) - Quarter 2 2022/23 ref: 175314/11/202222/11/2022Call-in expired
Highways Contract Arrangements - Traffic Management Order Service ref: 175109/11/202217/11/2022Call-in expired
Allocation of Ward Budget funding - over £10,000 ref: 174708/11/202208/11/2022Not for call-in
Approval of recommendations from the Rating Advisory Panel - 20/09/2022 ref: 175008/11/202208/11/2022Not for call-in
Oxford Street Programme ref: 174802/11/202210/11/2022Call-in expired
Extension of the Parking Services Debt Management Contract with Marston Holdings Limited ref: 174902/11/202210/11/2022Call-in expired
Review of the Council's Gambling Policy ref: 174227/10/202204/11/2022Call-in expired
Lease renewal of 13-19 Circus Road, NW8 6PB ref: 174126/10/202226/10/2022Not for call-in
Admin Charges for Unauthorised Parking Suspensions ref: 173624/10/202224/10/2022Not for call-in
Household Support Fund October 2022 - March 2023 ref: 173524/10/202201/11/2022Call-in expired
Appointment of a Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy Team for Professional Services for Corporate Property Minor Works ref: 173824/10/202201/11/2022Call-in expired
The Passage - Bentley House ref: 173724/10/202201/11/2022Call-in expired
Westco Trading Ltd - Changes to Company Directors and Company Board ref: 173319/10/202219/10/2022Not for call-in
Approval of recommendations of the Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) Review Panel 13 September 2022 ref: 173218/10/202218/10/2022Not for call-in
Welcome ref: 174517/10/202217/10/2022Not for call-in
Truly Affordable Housing Strategy ref: 174017/10/202217/10/2022Not for call-in
Amended Street Naming and Numbering Guidance ref: 173117/10/202217/10/2022Not for call-in
Westminster Cultural Fund ref: 173012/10/202220/10/2022Call-in expired
GLA Affordable Homes Programme 2021-2026 - Grant Agreement ref: 172611/10/202219/10/2022Call-in expired
Negotiated Contract to Enable GLA Grant Funding Uplift and Funding at Tariff Rates ref: 172711/10/202219/10/2022Call-in expired
Victoria Westminster BID Renewal Proposal - 2023 - 2028 ref: 172510/10/202210/10/2022Not for call-in
Northbank BID Renewal Proposal - 2023 - 2028 ref: 172410/10/202210/10/2022Not for call-in
Whitehall BID Renewal & Alteration Proposal - 2023 - 2028 ref: 172310/10/202210/10/2022Not for call-in
Supply & Allocation of Social Housing Report 2022-2023 ref: 172107/10/202215/10/2022Call-in expired
Westminster City Plan Partial Review - Regulation 18 Notification and update to the Westminster Local Development Scheme ref: 172007/10/202207/10/2022Not for call-in
Housing Solutions Service Contract Extension ref: 171929/09/202207/10/2022Call-in expired
PSSP Concept Design ref: 171827/09/202205/10/2022Call-in expired
Disposal of a vacant property in NW1 ref: 171722/09/202222/09/2022Not for call-in
NNDR Localism Relief to support meanwhile use activations as phase 3 of the Activations and Meanwhile Use Programme ref: 171621/09/202229/09/2022Call-in expired
Approval of recommendations from the Rating Advisory Panel - 28/06/2022 ref: 171408/09/202208/09/2022Not for call-in
Approval of recommendations from the Rating Advisory Panel - 12/07/2022 ref: 171508/09/202208/09/2022Not for call-in
Development Infills: Package B Main Contract Award ref: 171307/09/202215/09/2022Call-in expired
Permission to award a contract for the provision of community equipment services ref: 171205/09/202213/09/2022Call-in expired
Lisson Grove Programme - Multi-Discipline Consultant Team Appointment ref: 171105/09/202213/09/2022Call-in expired
Odeon Cinema, Panton Street - Renewal of Lease ref: 171002/09/202210/09/2022Call-in expired
Ebury Demolition Contract Variation and Additional Spend ref: 170930/08/202207/09/2022Call-in expired
Refreshing Equalities Objectives ref: 169917/08/202225/08/2022Call-in expired
ELECTION OF CHAIR AND VICE- CHAIR/MEMBERSHIP ref: 169828/07/202228/07/2022Not for call-in
Ebury Estate Renewal - Revised Phasing Programme ref: 169712/08/202220/08/2022Call-in expired
Direct Award of Travel Care contracts for Children and Adults ref: 169612/08/202212/08/2022Not for call-in
Westminster Ceremonial Streetscape Project - Trafalgar Square Extension ref: 169511/08/202219/08/2022Call-in expired
Writing off of irrecoverable debt (quarterly report) - Quarter 1 2022/23 ref: 169408/08/202208/08/2022Not for call-in
PaddingtonNow BID renewal proposal - 2023 - 2028 ref: 169303/08/202203/08/2022Not for call-in
Baker Street Quarter Partnership BID Renewal & Alteration Proposal - 2023 - 2028 ref: 169203/08/202203/08/2022Not for call-in
Neighbourhood CIL Allocations (Summer 2022) ref: 169101/08/202209/08/2022Call-in expired
Re-designation of the Hyde Park and Paddington Neighbourhood Forum ref: 168829/07/202229/07/2022Not for call-in
Approval of recommendations of the Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) Review Panel 05 July 2022 ref: 169029/07/202229/07/2022Not for call-in
Approval of recommendations of the Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) Review Panel 14 June 2022 ref: 168929/07/202229/07/2022Not for call-in
Funding for Purchases Under the Right to Buy, Buy Back Programme ref: 167727/07/202204/08/2022Call-in expired
Changes to the Ward Budget Programme 2022 - 2026 ref: 167827/07/202204/08/2022Call-in expired
Disposal - 1, St Mary’s Terrace, W2 1SU ref: 167625/07/202202/08/2022Call-in expired
Award of Contract for Electric Vehicle Charge Points for Residents ref: 167522/07/202230/07/2022Call-in expired
Seymour Centre – Appointment of a Contractor under a Pre-Construction Services Agreement ref: 167413/07/202213/07/2022Not for call-in
Exercise of an option to acquire the freehold interest in a WCC leased site at Mandela Way, London, SE1 5SS for £1 ref: 167308/07/202208/07/2022Not for call-in
Appointment of Reactive Repairs Contractor ref: 167204/07/202212/07/2022Call-in expired
Approval of Recommendations from the Rating Advisory Panel - 19/04/22 ref: 167104/07/202204/07/2022Not for call-in
Alternative Provision and Behaviour Outreach Contract Extension ref: 166001/07/202209/07/2022Call-in expired
NNDR Localism Relief Extension for Meanwhile Use Activations (Phase 2) ref: 167001/07/202201/07/2022Not for call-in
Writing off of irrecoverable debt (quarterly report) - Quarter 4 2021/22 ref: 165824/06/202224/06/2022Not for call-in
Nomination and Appointment of Local Authority School Governors ref: 165723/06/202201/07/2022Call-in expired
SEND Passenger Transport (Taxis), Travel Care Services Framework for vulnerable Children, Young People & Adults ref: 165422/06/202230/06/2022Call-in expired
Pimlico Neighbourhood Plan Decision Statement ref: 165320/06/202228/06/2022Call-in expired
Lease Renewal - Public Open Space at Kensal Wharf, opposite 598-606 Harrow Road, London W10 ref: 165108/06/202216/06/2022Call-in expired
9 Woodfield Road London W9 2BA ref: 165007/06/202207/06/2022Not for call-in
Council Tax Rebate scheme - to provide £150 Energy Support to eligible residents ref: 164901/06/202211/06/2022Call-in expired
Household Support Fund Extension ref: 164831/05/202210/06/2022Call-in expired