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Stop Eviction of tenants from garages in Blomfield Mewws

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Cancel the Notice to Quits that have been served on the garage tenants of Blomfield Mews and conduct a proper consultation on what is to be done.

Notice to Quits were issued on the basis that redevelopment of the area was to take place - but this is not true. If no redevelopment is taking place and garage tenants are evicted the result will be crime, drug dealing, prostitution, dumping - this is the experience of residents in the past.

Started by: Justin Cavell (Westbourne Terrace Road Residents Assocation)

This ePetition ran from 23/07/2023 to 09/10/2023 and has now finished.

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Council response

Dear Mr Cavell

Thank you for your concern in relation to the council’s decision to serve Notice to remaining garage users at the Blomfield Mews site.

I have set out below the context and the Council’s position.

Context – The Blomfield Mews scheme was identified as a suitable location for the delivery of new affordable housing in 2017. Owned by Westminster City Council, the land contains 28 garages many of which are in a state of disrepair.

The scheme received planning approval in June 2020 and would see the delivery of 18 new homes built as part of the scheme (14 apartments and four townhouses).
In 2021, the council undertook a detailed viability assessment of the scheme with a view to maximising the delivery of new affordable housing, in line with the Council’s strategic priorities. A number of further options for the project were considered which would involve re-engagement with the Local Planning Authority.

A decision was made to retain the site as an affordable housing development opportunity but to pause the delivery of the original consented scheme. The Blomfield Mews scheme remains part of the council’s infill programme and options are being considered on how to take forward the delivery of affordable housing at the site.

Latest Update

• On 9 Mar 2023, Westminster Council’s Housing Service received a complaint that the garage area at Blomfield Mews had become a ‘builders’ dumping ground’. The Service arranged for the site to be cleared and this has now been completed.
• A subsequent review of the remaining garage accounts for Blomfield Mews found that there were only three remaining garages with active rent accounts held by the Council.
• Following several site visits by the Estate Services team it became clear that the remaining rented garages were not being used for the storage of a vehicle. Site inspections identified that the garages are being used by building contractors working in the area.
• It was also found that some garages are being used without permission. A decision was taken serve notice on all garages to end the use of all of the Blomfield Mews garages. ?

Next Steps
• The Council has served termination notices on the three remaining rental agreements at the site.
• The site will be secured in order that it remains in good order for neighbouring residents.
• Once vacated, the Council intends to carry out a full site survey of all remaining garage structures.
• The Council then intends to engage a contractor to remove the remaining structures and prepare the land for future use.
• The Council will also assess what interim uses could take place at Blomfield Mews while options for the permanent solution are considered.

I hope this answers any concerns you may have about the site but please feel free to contact me if you require any more information.

Kind regards

Martin Crank
Senior Communications and Engagement Manager