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Decision details

Decision - St James’s Palace Forecourt Public Realm Improvement Project

Decision details

St James’s Palace Forecourt Public Realm Improvement Project

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for City Highways, Cabinet Member for Planning and Public Realm

Decision status: Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)

Is Key decision?: No

Is subject to call in?: No


Result of Traffic Management Order Advertisement and Approval to Commence Works


1.         Thatapprovalisgivenforthe finaldesign fortheSt James’s Palace Forecourt Public Realm Improvement Projectas shownon theGeneralArrangementdrawing no. 7009910-03-SK-06shownin AppendixB to the report.


2.         ThatTrafficManagementOrdersare madetointroducetherevisedparkingand loadingcontrols asshownon theTrafficManagementOrderdrawingno. 70019910-02-TMO-02 shownin AppendixC to the report.


3.               Thatapprovalisgivento construct theproposalsfortheSt James’s Palace Forecourt Public Realm Improvement Project inlinewiththeproposedProject DeliveryProgramme asset out in Section8 of thereport.


4.               Thatspendingapprovalisgivenof £1.989m,whichis funded by The Crown Estate together with TfL, a s.106 contribution, and other private sector sources.


5.       That the Director of City Highways, CityManagementandCommunities be authorised to enter into agreements with The Crown Estate and others on behalf of the Council to secure the contributions before works commence.  


6.       ThattheDirector of City Highways, City ManagementandCommunities isgivendelegated authorityto makeanyadditionalchangesto theTrafficManagementOrders neededfortheprojectand tomakeany necessarychangesto theSt James’s Palace Forecourt Public Realm Improvement Project designsas presentedin thisreport,inconsultationwith theCabinetMemberfor Planning and Public Realm  andtheCabinetMemberfor CityHighwayson conditionthatthesechangesdo notexceedtheoverallapproved capitalexpenditureof£1.989m.


7.              ThattheCabinetMember for Planning and Public Realm andtheCabinetMember forCityHighwaysagreed the above mentioned decisions to theextentthatthemattersfall within theirrespectiveTerms of Reference.





1.               Supported by The Royal Household, the proposed highway modifications seek to deliver a high quality public realm scheme in the forecourt area in front of St James’s Palace which that will benefit place making whilst providing improvements to pedestrian comfort and safety.


2.               The scheme aims to:


·         Improve the setting of St. James’s Palace;

·         Enhance pedestrian permeability through improved, wider footways and pedestrian crossings;

·         Improve the safety of pedestrian movements with the introduction of a new zebra crossing on Marlborough Road;

·         Improve traffic conditions by channeling traffic through the area by the implementation of streetscape improvements, including the creation of a lozenge shaped island which will reduce speeds;

·         Provide a new formal right turn on Marlborough Road into Pall Mall eastbound and reduce “u” turns;

·         Raise the profile of commercial frontages;

·         Improve the public realm through the use of high quality natural materials in the island and footways; and

·         Support the delivery of security measures proposed on Marlborough Road. 


2.       Theresults ofthe Ward Member consultation, stakeholderengagementand TrafficManagementConsultation indicatethat theprojectis consideredbeneficial.



Publication date: 09/04/2018

Date of decision: 09/04/2018

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