Agenda and minutes

Planning Applications Sub-Committee (2) - Tuesday 24th July, 2018 6.30 pm

Venue: Room 3.1, 3rd Floor, 5 Strand, London, WC2 5HR

Contact: Tristan Fieldsend, Committee and Governance Officer  Tel: 020 7641 2341; email:

No. Item



To note any changes to the membership.


1.1     There were no changes.


Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations by members and officers of the existence and nature of any personal or prejudicial interests in matters on this agenda.


2.1     There were none.


2.2     Councillor Robert Rigby explained that a week before the meeting, all four Members of the Committee were provided with a full set of papers including a detailed officer’s report on each application; together with bundles of every single letter or e-mail received in respect of every application, including all letters and e-mails containing objections or giving support. Members of the Committee read through everything in detail prior to the meeting. Accordingly, if an issue or comment made by a correspondent was not specifically mentioned at this meeting in the officers’ presentation or by Members of the Committee, it did not mean that the issue had been ignored. Members will have read about the issue and comments made by correspondents in the papers read prior to the meeting.






To sign the minutes of the last meeting as a correct record of proceedings.


3.1     The Chairman, with the consent of the Sub-Committee, signed the minutes of the meeting held on 19 June 2018 as a true and correct record of the proceedings.


Planning Applications

Applications for decision


The Presiding Officer at the start of the Committee meeting advised that since the publication of the committee reports, the Government on 24 July 2018 issued the new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which had replaced the 2012 version.  This new strategic planning document sets out the Government’s planning policies and is a material consideration in the determination of planning applications.  Where new issues arise in the light of this recently published NPPF advice, these will be addressed by the presenting officers.


52 - 55 Dorset Street, London, W1U 7NH pdf icon PDF 2 MB


Alterations at basement and ground floor levels including the installation of a partially openable shopfront, erection of a bin store screen and installation of replacement plant to the rear and associated alterations. Dual/alternative use of part of the basement level as a restaurant (Class A3) and/or bakery (Class A1) and use of two areas of the private forecourt for the placing of nine tables and 18 chairs in association with the ground floor restaurant use.


Councillor Scarborough addressed the Sub-Committee.


Additional representations were received from Miss T Ethwandan, Susan Lord, Thomas Burke, Stuart Timperley and Siddo Dwyer, Portman Estate, Sarah Rhodes and the Agents, Turleys and were tabled.


During the course of the presentation the presenting officer tabled the amended Condition 12 (full) and Condition 4 (listed) was set out below:


FULL - Revised Condition 12


The plant/machinery hereby permitted shall not be operated except between 07.30 hours and 23.00 hours Monday to Saturday, and between 08.00 hours and 22.30 hours on Sundays.


LBC – Revised Condition 4


You must apply to us for approval of details of the following parts of the development - the treatment and appearance of the new full height kitchen extract duct. You must not start use the duct until we have approved what you have sent us. You must then carry out the work according to these details.




1.       That conditional permission be granted subject to the revised Condition 12 set out above to reflect the changes to operational hours of plant, a revision to Condition 17 to require the Operational Management Plan to be submitted for approval, such approval to be delegated to officers to include glass recycling.


          Condition 24 to be amended to reflect the following hours:


          Mondays to Thursdays      07:30 to 23:00

          Fridays and Saturdays       08:00 to 23:30

          Sundays                           08:30 to 23:00


          An additional condition limiting the hours of operation to the bakery, as follows:


          Mondays to Fridays           07:30 to 18:30

          Saturdays                         08:00 to 18:00

          Sundays                           08:00 to 18:00


          An additional condition limiting the covers to 80 inside, the terrace 18 and the bakery 10.


          An additional condition requiring the colour and position of the duct to be submitted for approval.


2.       That conditional listed building consent be granted subject to a revised      Condition 4 as set out above.


3.       That the reasons for granting listed building consent as set out within         informative 1 of the draft decision letter be agreed.


Brock House, 19 Langham Street, London, W1W 6PA pdf icon PDF 1 MB


Erection of two storey mansard roof extension to provide additional Class B1 office accommodation and including the installation of plant at roof level, infilling of existing light wells, alterations to external facades, and other associated works.


During the course of the presentation officers tabled the following revised Condition 15:


Apart from the doors to the sub-station on Gildea Street, you must hang all doors or gates so that they do not open over or across the road or pavement. The doors to the sub-station may be opened outwards during maintenance of the sub-station, but must not be left open unattended.




That conditional permission be granted, to include a condition to secure the Crossrail payment subject to the revised Condition 15 set out above.


48 - 58 Hugh Street, London, SW1V 4ER pdf icon PDF 921 KB


Erection of mansard roof extensions on Nos 48-58 Hugh Street to create additional residential accommodation in connection with each property.


Councillor Christabel Flight spoke in favour of the application as a Ward Councillor.


A late representation from DWD was tabled.


RESOLVED: (Councillors Rigby, Hyams and McKie in favour,

Councillor Spencer against)


That permission be granted, the Sub-Committee being of the view that a full line terrace would not harm the Conservation Area and was also beneficial to residents.  Detailed condition to be delegated to officers.


11 Gloucester Place Mews, London, W1U 8BA pdf icon PDF 1 MB


Erection of a two storey rear extension and excavation of a new basement for use in association with the existing residential unit with associated internal alterations.


A late representation was Mr Alan Bristow was tabled.




That consideration be deferred for a site visit and for a daylight and sunlight report to be submitted.


11 Ennismore Gardens Mews, London, SW7 1HY pdf icon PDF 959 KB


Excavation of basement under existing building footprint.




That conditional permission be granted.


Alexander House, 85 Frampton Street, London, NW8 8NQ pdf icon PDF 1 MB


Erection of a roof extension at 5th floor level to create a self contained 3 bedroom flat (Class C3)


During the course of the presentation officers tabled further paragraphs which had been omitted from the report.  These are attached as Appendix A to these Minutes.




That permission be refused, as recommended, on design, amenity and highways grounds.


61A Marlborough Place, London, NW8 0PT pdf icon PDF 1 MB


Excavation of single storey basement below existing dwellinghouse with lightwells to front and rear and associated external alterations. Application 2: Underpinning to No. 59 and No. 61 Marlborough Place in connection with the creation of a basement at the adjoining dwelling at 61A Marlborough Place. (Linked to 17/10775/FULL).


During the course of the presentation amendment to the report.


Listed building consent is required for 59 and 61 Marlborough Place.  However, only one reference number has been allocated at present (RN: 17/10776/LBC) and is referred to in the officers report.  To ensure that a listed building consent is registered on both sites, an additional reference number has been produced (RN: 18/06247/LBC).  The reference numbers are allocated as follows:


1.               17/10776/LBC – 59 Marlborough Place

2.               18/06247/LBC – 61 Marlborough Place


As noted in the officers report, listed building consent is only required for the underpinning works.  Accordingly, the following amendments to the draft decision notices for both reference numbers (pages 154-155 of the agenda) are necessary:


1.               DELETION of the Plan Numbers listed and replacement with the following:


Drawing no. 7272/100 Rev 2


FOR INFORMATION ONLY: Document titled “61A Marlborough Place, London, NW8 - Construction Method Statement for Subterranean Development” by Michael Barclay Partnership (ref: MBP-7272-November 2017)”


2.               DELETION of conditions 2 and 3 as the underpinning works do not affect the finished appearance of the listed buildings or their ornamental features. 




Application 1:         


That conditional permission be granted.


Application 2:


1.       That conditional listed building consent be granted.


2.       That the reasons for granting listed building consent as set out within informative 1 of the draft decision letter be agreed.


That officers be authorised to grant related listed building consents for adjoining listed buildings 59 and 61 Marlborough Place and also authorised if they consider it necessary to add a further condition relating to underpinning.






Item 6 – Alexander House, 85 Frampton Street, London, NW8 8NQ


Minor Amendment to Officers Report


The following paragraphs were omitted in error from the published committee report on page 124.  They do not introduce any new considerations or alter the officers assessment and have are brought to the Sub-Committees attention for completeness.


8.5           Economic Considerations


No economic considerations are applicable for a development of this size.


8.6           Access


The proposed flat would be wheelchair accessible via a lift from ground floor level


8.7           Other UDP/Westminster Policy Considerations




8.8           London Plan


The application does not raise any strategic issues.


8.9           National Policy/ Guidance Considerations


The City Plan and UDP policies referred to in the consideration of this application are considered to be consistent with the NPPF unless stated otherwise.


8.10       Planning Obligations


Subject to any relief or exemptions that may be available to the applicant, the proposed development would be liable for a Westminster CIL payment of £19,800.00.  An additional £4950.00 would be payable to the Mayor of London. 


8.11       Environmental Impact Assessment


The proposals are of insufficient scale to require an Environmental Impact Assessment.


8.12       Other Issues