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1-15 Portsea Mews, 8 Porchester Place, London, W2 2BN


1. Demolition behind the retained facade and alterations to the existing buildings, replacement floorspace and extension at roof and ground floor level (through the introduction of glazed infills); excavation of a new basement, to create Office (Class E) accommodation and improved residential accommodation (Class C3) within Portsea Mews; creation of new internal link at ground floor to 8 Porchester Place, new shopfront to 8 Porchester Place, repair of facades and other associated works.


2. Internal alterations to 8 Porchester Place including opening up works and new connection through to Portsea Mews at ground floor and opening works and damp proofing at basement floor; external alteration including installation of new shopfront; and other associated works.


Additional representations was received from a   resident (11.05.23), resident (11.05.23) and a resident (11.05.23)


Late representations was received from Gerald Eve Ltd (15.05.23).


The Presenting Officer tabled the following clarifications/corrections to the report.




Report Clarification/ Corrections

Under the Cycling section of the report, para 9.6, the following should be clarified:


The London Plan 2021 requires 21 long stay spaces and 4 short stay spaces for the office accommodation and 9 long stay spaces and 2 visitor spaces for the residential proposals.           


The 6 short stay spaces are proposed within the mews itself adjacent the under croft entrance. Whilst these are on the highway, the Highways Planning Manager raises no objection to their sting.


The required office long stay spaces will be provided at basement level in a dedicated cycle store. There is level access from the street with dedicated stairs leading to a cycle store with changing facilities. The required 11 residential long stay spaces will be provided at ground floor in a separate cycle store to the offices. There is level access from the street.


The cycle parking complies with policy 25 of the City Plan and had the application been considered acceptable in other regards, the provision of these spaces would have been secured via condition.


Under 5.1 of the report, the report says Councillor Chowdhury requests to speak in support of the proposals should the application be recommended for refusal. This is incorrect and that statement should be cited underneath Councillor Dimoldenberg’s comments.


Charlotte Moss, Church Commissioners for England, addressed the committee in support of the application.


Kay Buxton, Chairman, The Marble Arch BID, addressed the committee in support of the application.


Alan Zimbler, Chairman, Hyde Park Estate Association, addressed the committee in support of the application.


Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, in his capacity as Ward Councillor, addressed the committee in support of the application.




  1. That conditional permission and listed building consent be granted.


  1. That the draft decision letter be provided to the Chair for agreement and be subsequently dealt with under delegated powers.


  1. That Conditions be imposed which includes restrictions on Class E, secure by design and requests for details of waste storage and maintenance for green roof.


  1. That the making of a draft order pursuant to s247 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 for the stopping up of parts of the public highway to enable this development to take place be authorised.



Not agreed - recommendations reversed.


The Sub-Committee considers the public benefits which include improved quality residential accommodation, economic benefits including the provision of new jobs, bringing the mews back into beneficial use, a reduction in anti-social behaviour in the mews and the energy performance of the development, would outweigh the loss of residential floorspace and the harm caused to the conservation area and grade II listed 8 Porchester Place.


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