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West Fitzrovia BID Proposal - 2023 - 2028

02/05/2023 - West Fitzrovia BID Proposal - 2023 - 2028

Summary of Decision


The Cabinet Member has endorsed Fitzrovia Partnership BID Ltd.’s new West Fitzrovia BID proposal and requested that the Chief Executive as the City Council’s Returning Officer and “ballot holder” hold a ballot in respect of the West Fitzrovia BID Proposal.



Reasons for Decision


The proposed West Fitzrovia BID will enable investment to be plugged into the Westminster jurisdiction of Fitzrovia and will act as the sister BID for the existing Fitzrovia Partnership BID in Camden. This will achieve economies of scale, and amplification of service provision and opportunities for the Fitzrovia business community. It will also unify businesses from each side of the borough boundary and will fill the geographical gap where no BID currently exists to the north of Oxford Street.