The list of forthcoming Member-level decisions serves as the City Council's notice of all Member-Level Executive decisions, including those proposed to be taken at a private meeting of the Cabinet, in accordance with Local Authorities (Executive Arrangements) (Meetings and Access to Information) (England) Regulations 2012.

Notice will be given of the following:

a) All Key Decisions to be taken by the Cabinet, a Committee of the Cabinet or an individual Cabinet Member;
b) Executive non-Key Decisions to be taken by the above decision-makers, wherever possible;
c) All private meetings of the Cabinet;
d) All decisions to be taken under General Exception or Special Urgency provisions;

Key Decisions are defined by statute as:

(a)  Decisions likely to result in the Council incurring expenditure which is, or the making of savings which are, significant having regard to the Council's budget for the service or function to which the decision relates; or

(b)  To be significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in an area comprising two or more wards or electoral divisions in the area of the Council.

This list is updated with each new notice and the information is based upon statutory requirements.

Any queries relating to specific decisions should be referred to the relevant Officer listed against the respective decision, using the email address provided.

Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Procurement Services Reorganisation20/09/2019For DeterminationNot before 20/10/2019
Discretionary Housing Payment Review Advisory Panel: (02.07.2019) Determination of Discretionary Housing Payment Review Applications17/09/2019For DeterminationNot before 17/09/2019
Re-Commissioning of Semi-Independent Living17/09/2019For Determination17/10/2019
Project Resource Contracts for Oxford Street17/09/2019For Determination17/10/2019
Petition to not extend the Victoria Opportunity Area boundary09/09/2019For Determination21/10/2019
St Martins Lane BIDS05/09/2019For Determination05/10/2019
Leicester Square, Piccadily Circus and St James's BIDS Renewal05/09/2019For Determination05/10/2019
Victoria BIDs Renewal05/09/2019For Determination05/10/2019
Westminster City Plan Submission to Secretary of State05/09/2019For Determination31/10/2019
Lease Renewal03/09/2019For Determination01/10/2019
Underletting of Offices03/09/2019For Determination01/10/2019
Enabling the redevelopment of Jubilee Sport Centre30/08/2019For Determination26/09/2019
Mandela Way - Unit A28/08/2019For DeterminationNot before 28/09/2019
Westminster City Council Corporate Parenting Strategy28/08/2019For Determination23/09/2019
Infill Development Programme27/08/2019For Determination25/09/2019
Oxford Street District - James St23/08/2019For Determination31/10/2019
Oxford Street District - Davies St23/08/2019For Determination31/10/2019
Oxford Street District - Mortimer Street23/08/2019For Determination31/10/2019
Oxford Street District - Berners Street23/08/2019For Determination31/10/2019
Oxford Street District - Sustainable Streets23/08/2019For Determination31/10/2019
Re-procurement of Learning Disability services currently procured as spot placements, through a commissioning framework23/08/2019For Determination30/09/2019
Public Realm improvements in Leicester Square22/08/2019For Determination19/09/2019
Network 202021/08/2019For DeterminationNot before 18/09/2019
Re-designation of Church Street Ward Neighbourhood Forum21/08/2019For Determination09/2019
Queensway Public Realm, Remaining Phases; South of Porchester12/08/2019For Determination12/09/2019
Mandela Way, Units B, C and D, lease re-gear02/08/2019For DeterminationNot before 02/09/2019
Rating Advisory Panel02/08/2019For Determination09/2019
Luton Street Regeneration26/07/2019For Determination05/09/2019
Luton Street Regeneration26/07/2019For Determination02/09/2019
Development Sales Programme - Delegated Authority Paper18/07/2019For DeterminationNot before 18/08/2019
Cross River Partnership DEFRA funded Clean Air Villages Project - Contract with London Borough of Lewisham16/07/2019For Determination15/08/2019
Designation of Soho Neighbourhood Forum10/07/2019For DeterminationBefore 07/08/2019
Property in Harrow Road08/07/2019For DeterminationNot before 08/08/2019
Luton Street05/07/2019For Determination23/09/2019
Luxborough Street04/07/2019For DeterminationBefore 01/08/2019
Rating Advisory Panel 17.9.2019: Determination of National Non-Domestic Rates Discretionary and Hardship Relief Applications03/07/2019For Determination01/10/2019
Lisson Grove Office, Frampton Street London NW819/06/2019For Determination07/2019
Outline Business Case - Carlton Dene and Westmead - Funding approval12/06/2019For DeterminationNot before 12/07/2019
Contract extension of a Contract for the Provision of Community Equipment Service to operate in K&C for one year10/06/2019For Determination10/07/2019
CLCH Health Visiting Contract Extension06/06/2019For Determination18/06/2019
Oxford Street District - Ramillies Project02/06/2019For Determination30/06/2019
Petition: St James the Less Church -Education Centre for vulnerable young people20/05/2019For Determination20/06/2019
Marylebone High Street Hanging Baskets (Summer and Winter 2019)17/05/2019For Determination13/06/2019
Little Venice Hanging Baskets (Summer and Winter 2019)17/05/2019For Determination13/06/2019
Re-designation of Belgravia Neighbourhood Forum16/05/2019For DeterminationBefore 01/10/2019
Re-designation of Notting Hill East Neighbourhood Forum16/05/2019For DeterminationBefore 01/10/2019
Aids and Adaptions: Contract Award and Implementation Plan15/05/2019For DeterminationNot before 15/06/2019
Management for Mixed tenure estates, including arrangements for Beachcroft08/05/2019For DeterminationNot before 08/06/2019
LED and Smart Lighting System07/05/2019For Determination07/06/2019
The Establishment of the Bi-Borough shared library service26/04/2019For Determination26/05/2019
Decision to implement new Central Management System for street lighting across the city24/04/2019For DeterminationNot before 24/05/2019
Leaseholder Recharges on Regeneration Estates12/04/2019For DeterminationBefore 13/05/2019
Award of Contract for Mailroom Services05/04/2019For DeterminationNot before 05/05/2019
Oxford Street District - Procurement Decision04/04/2019For Determination31/05/2019
Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Charging Strategy 2019 - 202527/03/2019For Determination29/04/2019