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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Wayleave agreement to Hyperoptic at the Carlton Dene development ref: 223117/06/202417/06/2024Not for call-in
Supported Accommodation - Housing Needs ref: 222820/06/202428/06/20240
Church Street Regeneration - Commercial Tenant Renegotiation ref: 222907/06/202407/06/2024Not for call-in
NNDR Localism Relief for Meanwhile On Activations Fit-out periods ref: 223020/06/2024For consultation
Culture Fund Grants Decision-making Process ref: 221718/06/202418/06/2024Not for call-in
Housing Management System Procurement ref: 221619/06/202427/06/20240
Renewal of Borough-wide Street Drinking and Dog Control Public Space Protection Orders 2024 ref: 221518/06/202418/06/2024Not for call-in
Westminster Neighbourhood CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) – Winter 2024 Project Allocations ref: 221414/06/202422/06/20240
Officer Delegation: Ebury Estate Renewal – Delivery Strategy & Viability Position ref: 221129/05/202429/05/2024Not for call-in
Officer Delegation: Church Street Regeneration - Site A Compulsory Purchase Order Resolution ref: 221229/05/202429/05/2024Not for call-in
Westminster Neighbourhood CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) – Autumn 2023 Project Allocations ref: 221005/06/202413/06/2024Call-in expired
Approval of recommendations from the Rating Advisory Panel - 16.04.24 ref: 220830/05/202430/05/2024Not for call-in
Cost of Living Projects 2024/25 - Officer Delegations ref: 220721/05/202421/05/2024Not for call-in
Automatic Public Conveniences ref: 220627/05/202405/06/2024Call-in expired
Westmead: Approval to Enter a Lease of an Electricity Substation at 4 Tavistock Road ref: 219616/05/202416/05/2024Not for call-in
Household Support Fund: April - September 2024 ref: 219416/05/202424/05/2024Call-in expired
Writing off of irrecoverable debt (quarterly report) - Quarter 4 2023/24 ref: 219316/05/202424/05/2024Call-in expired
Church Street Site A – Phase 2 & 3 Demolition Contractor Appointment ref: 214013/05/202421/05/2024Call-in expired
Designer, Subcontractor and Main Contractor Collateral Warranties for Adpar Street Carpark, Torridon Carpark and Queens Park Court Carpark Projects ref: 219201/05/202401/05/2024Not for call-in
Grant Authority to issue an Invitation to Tender (ITT) for the provision of "Energy Company Management Services" ref: 219126/04/202426/04/2024Not for call-in
Church Street Site A – Appointment of Joint Venture Development Partner ref: 219525/04/202403/05/2024Call-in expired
Commemorative Green Plaque for the Soho Poly ref: 219003/05/202403/05/2024Not for call-in
Lisson Arches Enterprise Space Operator Lease ref: 218901/05/202409/05/2024Call-in expired
Appointment of consultant to develop Paddington Canalside and Paddington Green RIBA Stages 2 to 6 design ref: 214430/04/202408/05/2024Call-in expired
New core funding grant agreement for the Stowe Centre ref: 218830/04/202408/05/2024Call-in expired
Penn House and Regeneration Area Temporary Accommodation Strategy ref: 218729/04/202429/04/2024Not for call-in
Lease renewals on Church Street ref: 218625/04/202425/04/2024Not for call-in
Appropriation of land for housing purposes at 300 Harrow Road ref: 218222/04/202422/04/2024Not for call-in
Carbon Offset Bids - January 2024 ref: 218119/04/202419/04/2024Not for call-in
Approval of recommendations of the Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) Review Panel 19.03.24 ref: 218018/04/202418/04/2024Not for call-in
Facilities Management Services – Future Service ref: 217816/04/202424/04/2024Call-in expired
New duty to consult on the removal of street trees ref: 217715/04/202415/04/2024Not for call-in
Approval of recommendations from the Rating Advisory Panel - 12.03.24 ref: 217411/04/202411/04/2024Not for call-in
Letting of 1st Floor, 20 Orange Street, London WC2 7EF ref: 217611/04/202411/04/2024Not for call-in
Grant of New Lease for Beachcroft House ref: 217511/04/202411/04/2024Not for call-in
Balmoral Castle and Darwin House Employers Agent Contract Variation ref: 217908/04/202423/04/2024Call-in expired
Residual Waste Treatment and Disposal Contract with Veolia UK Limited ref: 217208/04/202416/04/2024Call-in expired
Treatment of dry recycling and organic waste contract procurement ref: 217308/04/202416/04/2024Call-in expired
North Paddington – Year 1 Underspend Allocation ref: 217109/04/202417/04/2024Call-in expired
Revision of the Council’s NNDR Discretionary Relief guidelines for 2024/25 ref: 217008/04/202408/04/2024Not for call-in
Luxborough Deeds of Release - Officer Delegations ref: 216926/03/202426/03/2024Not for call-in
Ebury Phase 2 Compulsory Purchase Order Officer Delegations - General Vesting Declaration ref: 216826/03/202426/03/2024Not for call-in
Paddington Arts Development Funding and Support ref: 216725/03/202425/03/2024Not for call-in
Westminster Builds - Business Plan 2024/25 ref: 218426/03/202426/03/2024Not for call-in
Westminster Community Homes - Business Plan 2024/25 ref: 218326/03/202426/03/2024Not for call-in
Westco - Business Plan 2024/25 ref: 218526/03/202426/03/2024Not for call-in
Direct Award of Structural Survey Services – High-Rise Blocks ref: 214814/03/202414/03/2024Not for call-in
Extension of the Service Agreement between the City of Westminster and RingGo Limited for the Provision of Cashless Parking Services ref: 214521/03/202429/03/2024Call-in expired
Award of Contracts for Property and Residential Leasehold Buildings Insurances ref: 214714/03/202414/03/2024Not for call-in
Approval to enter into a maintenance agreement for Bishops Bridge Paddington ref: 214620/03/202420/03/2024Not for call-in
Revised Lease to be granted on Commercial Premises at Ingestre Court, WC2 ref: 214308/03/202423/03/2024Call-in expired
Ebury Estate Renewal – Phase 2 Quantity Surveyor Appointment ref: 214108/03/202423/03/2024Call-in expired
Ebury Estate Renewal – Phase 2 Planning Consultant and Financial Viability Appointment ref: 214218/03/202426/03/2024Call-in expired
Transfer of land on Bishops Bridge Road ref: 213615/03/202423/03/2024Call-in expired
Nursery letting in W2 ref: 213915/03/202415/03/2024Not for call-in
Debt Recovery of Adult Social Care (ASC) Care Contribution Debt ref: 213815/03/202423/03/2024Call-in expired
Carbon Offset Bids - October 23 ref: 213414/03/202414/03/2024Not for call-in
VCS Core Funding Programme - Officer Delegations ref: 213506/03/202406/03/2024Not for call-in
Long Leasehold Sale in W1 ref: 213011/03/202411/03/2024Not for call-in
Housing Compensation Policy ref: 213111/03/202412/03/2024Call-in expired
Seymour Leisure Centre ref: 213211/03/202419/03/2024Call-in expired
300 Harrow Road - Officer Delegations ref: 213320/10/202320/10/2023Not for call-in
Approval of recommendations of the Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) Review Panel 20.02.24 ref: 212908/03/202408/03/2024Not for call-in
Westminster Council CCTV Service ref: 212807/03/202415/03/2024Call-in expired
Westminster City Plan Partial Review - Regulation 19 Consultation ref: 212706/03/202414/03/2024Call-in expired
Council Tax Allowance for Foster Carers ref: 212606/03/202406/03/2024Not for call-in
Disposal of Intermediate rent homes at 300 Harrow Road to Westminster Builds ref: 211629/02/202408/03/2024Call-in expired
Adoption of Planning Obligations and Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document ref: 211428/02/202407/03/2024Call-in expired
Integrated Investment Framework 2024/25 ref: 211019/02/202419/02/2024Not for call-in
Minutes ref: 210719/02/202419/02/2024Not for call-in
Treasury Management Strategy Statement for 2024/25 to 2028/29 ref: 211119/02/202419/02/2024Not for call-in
WCC Pay Policy 2024-25 ref: 211319/02/202419/02/2024Not for call-in
Housing Revenue Account 30-Year Business Plan and Housing Investment Plan 2024/25 ref: 211219/02/202419/02/2024Not for call-in
Business and Financial Planning 2024/25 to 2026/27 ref: 210819/02/202419/02/2024Not for call-in
Capital Strategy 2024/25 to 2028/29, Forecast Position for 2023/24 and Future Years Forecast to 2037/38 ref: 210919/02/202419/02/2024Not for call-in
GLA Edgware Rd Housing Zone – Borough Intervention Agreement (BIA) variation ref: 210626/02/202405/03/2024Call-in expired
Insurance tender 2024 - 2029 ref: 210522/02/202401/03/2024Call-in expired
Harrow Road Open Space improvements ref: 210421/02/202429/02/2024Call-in expired
291 Harrow Road Multi-Disciplinary Consultant Team (MDCT) Appointment(s) - Executive Director Delegations ref: 210305/02/202405/02/2024Not for call-in
Approval of recommendations from the Rating Advisory Panel - 23.01.24 ref: 210216/02/202416/02/2024Not for call-in
Grant Authority for the acquisition of 45 affordable homes at West End Gate Block H from Berkeley Homes ref: 210106/02/202406/02/2024Not for call-in
Rent Review of Barclays bank 40 Wellington Road, NW8 9LT ref: 209913/02/202413/02/2024Not for call-in
Supply and Allocation of Social and Intermediate Housing 2023/24 ref: 210013/02/202421/02/2024Call-in expired
Approval of recommendations of the Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) Review Panel 16.01.24 ref: 209707/02/202407/02/2024Not for call-in
Writing off of irrecoverable debt (quarterly report) - Quarter 3 2023/24 ref: 209807/02/202415/02/2024Call-in expired
Minutes ref: 209429/01/202429/01/2024Not for call-in
Safeguarding Executive Board Annual Report 22/23 ref: 209229/01/202429/01/2024Not for call-in
Contract Award School Health (School Nursing) Service ref: 209606/02/202414/02/2024Call-in expired
Capital Budget Re-profiling & Budget Changes 2023/24 ref: 209329/01/202406/02/2024Call-in expired
The Future of Regent Street and Haymarket ref: 209129/01/202406/02/2024Call-in expired
Church Street Site A – Outline Business Case Update ref: 209005/02/202405/02/2024Not for call-in
Introduction of a 14-day response period for Highway Defects ref: 208925/01/202426/01/2024Call-in expired
Belgravia Neighbourhood Plan Decision Statement ref: 208831/01/202431/01/2024Not for call-in
Direct award for interim contracts for Learning Disability accommodation based services ref: 211531/01/202408/02/2024Call-in expired
West End Gate (Acquisition of Block H) ref: 208629/01/202406/02/2024Call-in expired
“Care Leaver” to be considered alongside Protected Characteristics ref: 203311/12/202311/12/2023Not for call-in
Re-Designation of Mayfair Neighbourhood Forum ref: 208524/01/202424/01/2024Not for call-in
Cost of Living Projects 2024/25 ref: 208423/01/202431/01/2024Call-in expired
Safer Westminster Partnership Strategy 2024-27 ref: 208322/01/202422/01/2024Not for call-in
Voluntary Service Charge Payment option ref: 208218/01/202426/01/2024Call-in expired
Approval of recommendations from the Rating Advisory Panel - 12.12.23 ref: 208118/01/202418/01/2024Not for call-in
Grant of New Lease for an Academy School ref: 207704/01/202404/01/2024Not for call-in
Response to Petition Titled 'Save Covent Garden Street Performers' ref: 207622/12/202322/12/2023Not for call-in
Authority to Enter into a Section 75 Agreement Between the City of Westminster and North West London Integrated Care Board (NWL ICB) ref: 207503/01/202411/01/2024Call-in expired
Response to Petition: Relocation of the Street Cleaning Depot from 215 Lisson Grove to 61 Harewood Avenue ref: 207403/01/202403/01/2024Not for call-in
Neighbourhood CIL Decisions: Summer 2023 Application Round ref: 207202/01/202410/01/2024Call-in expired
Beachcroft Care Home - Direct Award ref: 207129/12/202309/01/2024Call-in expired
Temporary Accommodation acquisitions programme update and governance proposals ref: 207029/12/202309/01/2024Call-in expired
Acquisition of leasehold interests in London W9 ref: 203721/12/202321/12/2023Not for call-in